Commercial burglar alarm solution

Situation & Requirements analysis

Most shops, super markets are located in commercial area, and each other very near, thief or thieves often break the door, drill the window, clamb the wall and stairs to steal the cash, jewelery...etc expensive products: There are many kinds of expensive goods inside the shop, super market which can lead to fire by the mistake,  these shops super markets need to install intrusion detectors, vibration detectors, door/window magnetic contacts, smoke fire detectors, siren.


From above information, we recommend using our VS-808 8 zones hardwired alarm system which can connect many kinds of detectors including curtain PIR motion detector, vibration detector, panic button, door/window magnetic contact, smoke detector...etc. When alarm is triggered, the alarm system will set off the siren immediately, at the same time to submit alarm information to the Central Monitoring Station, Central monitoring station will get the alarm information including maps, alarm address, contact name, contact telephone and other information.

Commercial building burglar alarm security solution