PSTN plus GSM alarm security monitoring service solution

Alarm system by self-monitoring may be not the safest method for protection of your home, shop, warehouse away from burglary, fire, emergency help.
Unifore security providing the alarm security monitoring service solution to our customers, this solution can providing 24 hours monitoring, it's reliable for monitoring.

How the 24 hours monitoring service work ?

The protection area is equiped with many kind of sensors (including intrusion detector, fire smoke detector, gas leak detector, emergency button...etc), If a sensor is tripped, an alarm signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Monitoring Station.

24 hours monitoring solution

What happends when central monitoring station receive the alarm ?

Within seconds of receiving an alarm signal from a home or business, the Central Monitoring Station will display following information:

  • What type of emergency it is.
  • Where is the alarm location.
  • Who to contact.
  • What's the time of alarming.
  • Whether it's a false alarm or not.
I want to set-up a central monitoring station, what should I order ?

For set-up a central monitoring station, you need to purchase a digital alarm receiver from us, we provide free monitoring software.

We provide two types of  digital alarm receiver:  PSTN digital alarm receiver and PSTN + GSM digital alarm receiver.
PSTN Digital Alarm Receiver: R-2003, R-2004, R-2004,R-2004G, R-2005G
GSM + PSTN Digital Alarm Receiver: R-2004GSM, R-2005GSM

Now I already have a Digital Alarm Receiver or I buy from other company, How can I use the monitoring service ?

Due to our alarm system are compatialbe with Contact ID communication protocol, so that it can connect to other's Digital Alarm Receiver (Honeywel, GE, C&K, BOSCH, Almex..etc) via PSTN (landline).

If the Digital Alarm Receiver with the SMS alert platform, then our GSM alarm system can connect to the Digital Alarm Receiver. Digital alarm receiver only with PSTN (telephoneline), and want to use SMS alarm, then you need to buy Contact ID converter from us.

The purpose of Contact ID converter is the device for converting SMS (with Contact ID protocol) to PSTN signal (with Contact ID protocol).