Perimeter security system solution

Perimeter security solution

Unifore Security perimeter detection devices used with infrared products, using infrared sensors detect the intruder, the detector will send signal to the host (alarm panel). Through the alarm call and monitoring center software, security guards are able to obtain alarm information, alarm information to be processed in time. 
With the further improvement of management, anti-theft perimeter alarm system can enhance the work efficiency, lead all the property into a model of scientific management. VSTAR Perimeter Protection System is a mature system has been in Europe, America, Middle East, already have a wide range of applications, has now become the largest export company with infrared and have very high brand awareness.

Perimeter Security Solution

How perimeter alarm system works?

Perimeter Security Alarm System consist of invisible outdoor active infrared (IR) beam break sensor, alarm control panels (Dual Network Alarm panels to insure the stable of alarm transmission), Hardwired Strobe Siren,  Relay Outputs Module (for the connection to DVR) and other equipment (Digital Alarm Receiver, Central Monitoring Station for Central Alarm Management).

When IR beam detect the intrusion, it will send signal to alarm control panel, alarm control panel will set off the strobe siren immediately, simutaneousely it will send signal to Surveillance System, the DVR will start to record the video, also it will transmit the alarm information to security guard or upload to Central Monitoring Station.