Villa burglar alarm security solution

Villa security alarm solution

Villa Burglar Alarm Solution

This villa security alarm solution providing three major functions that include perimeter protection and interior protection, as well as fire alarm detection. The purpose for perimeter protection is prevent the intruder access into the house or yard, keep away the stranges, detect the people that climb the fence wall. Active infrared photo beam detectors (IR Beam) are used in perimeter protection. The IR beam detectors can build an invisible fence around the villa.

Interior protection consist of basic detectors like PIR motion detector, window/door magnetic contacts. The alarm panel is installed the base room of inside villa, a powerful outdoor strobe siren in installed the outside of villa to achieve the purpose of scare the intruder and alert people.

Fire detection also is one of very important sector for whole security system design, using the smoke detector in each of room and corridor for detection of smoke that is cased by the fire.  Many panic button is installed on the center of corridor and bedroom to hanle the emergency situation.

When alarm is triggered, the alarm will send signal to Central Monitoring Station, trained operate will handle alarm respectively, or it can directly inform the villa owner.