What's motion detection for security DVR

DVR Motion Detection Recording MethodWhat’s the Motion recording and alarm recording for DVR?

Motion detection recording means when DVR detect the movement, then the DVR will start to record the video.

As we know, there are many Inputs and outputs on the back of DVR. Except video inputs, most of them are alarm inputs. These inputs can be connecting to varies hardwired sensors which can be installed in the security cameras (or area where the security camera is installed). 4 Channel DVR may come with 4 alarm inputs. Each input can connect 1 hardwired alarm sensor. When the sensor is triggered (or alarm triggered), the DVR will start to record video. These inputs also can be connecting to burglar alarm system which send alarm signal to trigger DVR to start recording.

Compare to the full-time video recording method, motion detection recording method and alarm recording method can save the storage space of your hard drive. In addition, these recording method are easier to find the recorded event if you record only when something happening in your surveillance area.

How Motion Detection Works?

Most of DVR with Motion detection, Motion detection works by DVR monitoring the video is coming from camera. When there is something move in front of the security camera, the DVR will start to recording, once the object stop to move, and then DVR will stop recording the video.

DVR (or software) will analysis the stream of video. The movement of objects will cause the stream of video different than static situation. The analysis is  based on comparing of the current video frame with one from the previous frames.  Most of DVR with motion detection menu which can let you set the motion detection sensitivity level.

Please note that using motion detection you only need to use the DVR, doesn’t require any other equipment or security camera with motion detection function.

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