Total security solution with GSM alarm video recording

Introduction to integrated security solution for residential

Integrated security solution is the security solution that combines security alarm system and video surveillance system and other technology.

Security integration is the most important features for the big and middle security projects. Many security equipment manufacturers may provide the security integration for hardwired solution from government and commercial business. Since the mature of security market and decreasing of cost for equipment, there are huge demands of integrated security solution from residential security. Due to majority of residential security system are using wireless technology, then hardwired integration is not suitable for these residential security projects.

We are pretty exciting to announce that we can provide the integration security solution combined with GSM technology and Video recording, as well as automation.

How our GSM total security solution works?

When intruder break-in and triggered the alarm. The alarm system will set off siren, and digital video camera start to recording the video; simultaneously the outside of lamp will switch ON automatically to deterrent the intruder. The intruder may flee away. At the same time, user will get the SMS (text message) or telephone call from alarm system.

What are the benefits for total security solution?

  1. Top professional grade security system adopts wireless technology.
  2. No need to install separate video surveillance system and cut your spend. You can protect your residential without compromising the privacy.
  3. Prevent the false alarm and record the video when alarm is triggered.
  4. Automatically switch ON the lamp to deterrent the intruders.

The residential integrated security solution design

Part A: The wireless alarm system that consists of various sensors and alarm control panel, keypad...etc.  (example: G70-GTW)

Function: Detection of the intrusion and other abnormal events,  the brain of integrated security solution.

Part B:  Wireless digital video recorder with memory chip inside. (example: VS-DVR)

Function: When alarm is triggered (by sensor), the video recorder will start to record the video footage.

Part C:  Wireless alarm lamp holder.

Function: When alarm is triggered, the alarm lamp holder will switch on the Lamp to deterrent the intruder.

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