Advantages and Disadvantages of 4K Security Camera

4K resolution becomes the dominant standard in TV industry. It will inevitably become the next standard in IP video surveillance just like the history of the Full HD resolution had prevailed TV industry and video surveillance industry later. In addition to knowing that the image quality of 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) resolution video is very high, we may want to know what the else benefits that 4K security camera can offer. 

Here we list the benefits you can obtain by utilizing the 4K video surveillance equipment. Overall, 4K security cameras can take surveillance to a new level.

Benefits and advantages of 4K security camera

  • Excellent video resolution with sharper and crisper image
  • 4K resolution is two fold higher than the resolution of HD camera
  • Covering wide area and large site with wider angle lenses
  • Retaining details even after digital zoom in
  • Top-notch system, comply with future resolution standard

In terms of the disadvantages of the 4K, currently the cost of 4K security cameras are very expensive. In spite of the cost, we suppose the 4K security camera system are being adopted gradually in video surveillance industry. The cost the system will drop accordingly. Another disadvantage of a 4K security camera is its requirement of a huge network bandwidth for video streaming and a large storage space for recording video footage.

4K resolution and camera references

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