Smart doorbell with a PIR sensor

Analysis of false motion detection of smart security cameras

I have two smart security cameras installed inside my house, they work great can provide crystal video since they’re 1080p. Comparing with conventional IP cameras, these cameras support setup through smartphone app, they rely on P2P to support easy remote view, and even can send me instant push notification when it detects motion. However, they’re not perfect, the annoying false alarm is one of biggest problem I experienced when using the camera. If you also have a couple of smart security camera, I suppose you may have the same frustration.

False detection is inevitable

As we know there are many factors that may trigger false alarms, but the smart security camera just generates too much motion detection alerts that you probably want to disable this function. The reason is most security cameras adopt simple software algorithm to detect the movement. It relies on pixel changes of image to determine if there is motion detection. Hence when there is a flyer appears in the monitoring scene and cause the pixel change, this will activate motion detection. Though the app allows you to adjust the detection sensitivity, it actually can’t solve the problem, the false detection is inevitable.

How to avoid the false detection?

If you have already had the camera, it’s unlikely that you can solve the false detection problem. It’s the inferior of software and hardware design. In order to avoid the false alarm, you may use the latest design AI security camera, which supports advanced video analytics such as human detection, face recognition, tripwire detection, perimeter detection. Additionally, you can choose smart security camera has built-in PIR motion sensor. This kind of security camera relies on a separate security sensor to detect movement of human. This can greatly reduce the rate of false alarm.

Yoosee security camera has a built-in PIR motion sensor

Why security camera have a PIR motion sensor?

The developer of security camera knows video analysis based motion detection is prone to generate false alarm. The video-based motion detection is unreliable. Therefore they developed a security camera that relies on a built-in PIR motion sensor to achieve accurate motion detection. PIR is the acronym of Passive Infrared, it’s a mature movement detection technology by analysis infrared level which is reflected by objects. 

PIR sensor is widely used in burglary alarm system to protect a room, lobby, aisle, corridor, balcony. You also can find PIR sensor in a motion inductive light switch. The detection scope of PIR sensor is as far as 12 meters and nearly 110 degree wide angle. The sensor only generates alarm when it detects human movement, it’s immune to other environment factors. 

Wireless PIR motion sensor

Yoosee smart security camera

Intending to protect your premises, merely relying on motion detection may not be adequate. Yoosee offers smart security cameras feature alarm integration. They has built-in wireless communication module to connect with other wireless security sensors such as PIR motion sensor, door/window sensor, vibration sensor, smoke sensor. Hence you will have a network alarm system that not only support video monitoring, but also support burglary monitoring. For instance, a intruder breaks-in through protected front door, users will be notified instantly via push notification alerts from camera, users can check the video to see what is happening. Yoosee smart security camera can add as much as 64pcs wireless burglar sensors.