Smart WiFi Pan Tilt Security Camera

Best tools to improve outdoor perimeter security of your house

Not want to install indoor cameras because of privacy problem? Security experts recommend perimeter security system, a perimeter security system can stop criminals from entering your house, or deter intruders. For optimal security and family basic safety, you will need better safety surround the perimeter of your home. Your home perimeter security is your first coating of defense and serves the vital purpose of keeping the right people in and the wrong people out.

Your complete home security system should have all outdoor areas covered. Here are some of the things that you should consider.

Smart doorbell camera

New smart and connected doorbell camera can replace your old outdated hardwired or wireless doorbell system. Smart doorbell camera not just makes your life more convenient because you can answer door remotely and even unlock door through smartphone App, they allow users to access video when you’re away. A smart doorbell camera has built-in passive Infrared motion sensor to deter intruders and automatically triggers alarm, sends instant alerts, and records video footage when a stranger is approaching or loitering around the door. Built-in siren so that it can scare away unwanted visitors in a hurry. Since smart doorbell cameras connects network through either wireless Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection, you are able to get notified by instant push notification, email with snapshots. Having a smart doorbell camera installed, you can enjoy the benefits that an IP doorbell and a smart outdoor security camera may provide.

Smart video doorbell camera
Smart Doorbell Camera with Separate Chime Receiver

Outdoor Movement Detection

Active infrared beam detectors are the ideal tools to provide you the most reliable outdoor movement detection, they are the best replacement for physical fence, because when they work they form an invisible fence around your house. Furthermore, the detection range of active Infrared beams detectors support up to 300m long distance range. If you use the older and less technologically advanced home security systems that rely on passive infrared motion sensors, any outdoor movement triggers an alarm. Therefore , in addition to the movement of a burglar, the alarm is induced by the wind, blowing trash, falling leaves, and small animals. To ensure family safety, you want a security system that is reliable and has low-false alarm rate. Having outdoor active infrared beam detectors installed in multiple entry locations around the exterior of the house alleviates the problem with motion. Because of this, the alarm noises only once a viable risk exists.

Outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras supports night vision are highly advanced and ideal for security in complete darkness. Certainly, the eye has a hard time piercing blackness, but with the right system, surveillance cameras see in your stead so that there is nothing missed. A smart Wi-Fi camera with built-in detectors and other advanced systems offers early recognition whenever a security breach occurs across the perimeter of your house. However , only video can offer accurate visible confirmation with an security alarm, letting you make quick and educated decisions. Because you can react quicker with visible confirmation, the amount of protection raises dramatically.

Outdoor light

Outdoor smart lamps must have automated on / off schedules. Lamps are an indicator that someone is home. But a light that is always on is an indicator that nobody is home. Your outdoor smart lamps should have on / off plan features. Smart lamps allow you to regulate schedules through the application and even enable you to enter where you are therefore the smart light syncs with your sunrise and sunset times.  Having a patio security system that has lights enhances safety. Top-rated cams with accurate recognition and range allow security lamps to illuminate potential criminals. This also eliminates the security lamps from arriving on randomly, therefore annoying neighbors.