COT (Camera of Things) Smart Camera

CoT App for eRobot Smart IP Cameras

CoT is the abbreviation of Camera of Things. It derives from Internet of Things (IoT). CoT is the current trend in today's video surveillance applications. Unifore is pleased to release CoT App, which is a clean and simple, user-intuitive oriented smartphone application. This App will be available on GooglePlay and iTunes. It's a free application dedicated to eRobot cameras (including intelligent network pan & tilt camera, intelligent network cube camera). Although CoT will replace the current 2CU, existing users still can use the same account to login both Apps.

What's advantage of CoT?

Based on smart technology, the CoT can offer many advanced functions such as delivering low definition (LD), standard definition (SD), high definition (HD) video streaming with crisp image quality, also supporting real-time monitoring cross different platforms. The remotely monitoring can't be much easier when using the CoT camera. On the one hand, it has embedded with P2P protocol for hassle-free Internet connection, merely require you to take three simple steps, you can watch the live video instantly on your smartphone (Android, iPhone, iPad) and tablet, or PC.

CoT App owns all the function that 2CU has. Besides, it adopts a complete new user interface (UI) design, it is simple, clean. The simplicity helps user to learn how to use all the function fast. Most importantly, this new App supports digital zoom function. Touch the video, user can enlarge the image, this is quite useful, especially when you watch live video on a small screen-size smartphone. Digital zoom allows you to check details on video. Additionally, it has smartlink function for easy Wi-Fi connection.

Be the first to try CoT App

If you want to know the whole things about this App, you can download this App from our website. Additionally, we provide the demo devices'account information. This can help you to know the eRobot camera's image quality.

Download link 1:
Download link 2:

Demo Devices

  • Factory 1: 1051085 (ID) 6688 (Password)
  • Factory 2: 1051181 (ID) 6688 (Password)
CoT App Screenshot
CoT App Screenshot
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eRobot Smart Cameras

Intelligent network pan & tilt camera


  • Intelligent network pan & tilt camera
  • Remotely 355 degree pan rotation, 120 degree tilt rotation
  • Deliver 720p HD video, day & night monitoring with IR
  • WiFi / RJ45 network connection, up to 128G on-board storage
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2015 newly design intelligent network pan & tilt camera, remotely pan/tilt rotation, built-in PIR motion sensor and IR LED, works with wireless security sensors. Support WiFi/RJ45 network connection, on-board 128G TF/MicroSD card video storage.
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Intelligent network pan & tilt camera

Cube IP Camera Title

Intelligent network cube camera


2015 newly design intelligent network cube camera, has built-in PIR motion and Infrared LED, IR-CUT filter to provide true day/night video monitoring, works with temperature + humidity sensor to offer temperature and humidity monitoring, temperature alert. Works with 64 wireless security sensors.
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Intelligent network cube camera, has built-in PIR motion sensor to support dual-motion detection, includes 1 IR LED, cube design, supports Wi-Fi, SD card. Based on P2P technology, hassle-free installation, support HD, SD, LD resolution for different network bandwidth.
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Intelligent network cube camera

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