HD-TVI 720P/1080P Analog HD Surveillance System

Today, we are going to introduce the latest HD analog solution – HDTVI. The HDTVI solution can enable customer to setup a complete new 720P/1080P resolution analog surveillance system with advantages of long distance transmission (500 meters) through coaxial cable. This new technology enables user to upgrade their existing standard resolution analog system with HD-TVI compliant cameras and DVRs.

Compared with other video surveillance technology, the new HDTVI(High Definition Transport Video Interface) solution can all all analog CCTV users to enjoy the HD resolution white without investing huge amount of money in rewiring the existing coax cable infrastructure. The top-notch HDTVI camera can deliver latency-free 720P/1080P high definition video over up to 500 meters. Just replacing your cameras and DVRs with HDTVI compatible products, you can seamlessly upgrade your system to a HD analog system. As one of video surveillance manufacturer, Unifore is proud to present its latest 720P/1080P cameras which come with different types such as standard box, bullet, vandal-proof dome, PTZ camera.

HDTVI analog cameras

The HDTVI analog camera can deliver 1080P real time image with true color reproduction. Typically, the new technology camera adopts progressive scan CMOS image sensor to capture loss-less video. HDTVI camera also comes with On-Screen-Display (OSD) menu to allow user adjust its specification. The camera has built-in auto iris vari-focal lens, and supporting motion detection and privacy mask. With removable IR-cut filter, the camera can provide true day/night surveillance. 

HDTVI Camera 720P Module

Distinguishing features 

  • 1.3" CMOS image sensor to offer 1920x1080 resolution
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm auto iris vari-focal lens
  • Equipped with IR illuminators to offer long range night vision
  • IP66 rated weatherproof design
  • Offering 1080P video at frame rate 30fps/25fps
  • True day/night switch with ICR
  • Support BLC/HLC/Defog/3D NR
  • Wide dynamic range function
  • 4 areas motion detection
  • 8 areas privacy masks
  • Mirror function
  • Smart IR function


HDTVI DVR adopts advanced image encoding processors, which can allow DVR to record up to 4/8/16 channels HDTVI recording at 720P/1080P resolution. The HDTVI DVR with user-friendly GUI for easy operation, and similar to traditional DVR, it supports multiply recording modes including manual, full time, schedule, motion detection, and flexible video search functions such as time, calendar, events. The HDTVI DVR has web function, it can support DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, TCP/IP network protocols, even supporting cloud monitoring. Utilizing dual streaming technology, the DVR can adjust network stream to fit bandwidth without changing recording quality.

HDTVI DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Distinguishing features

  • H.264 high profile video recorder with Cortex A9 proccessors
  • Support 4/8/16 BNC video input at 720P/1080P resolution
  • Local video output support both VGA and HDMI
  • With audio/video inputs 
  • Recording in real time 30fps(NSTC), 25fps(PAL)
  • Support recording modes, manual, full time, schedule, motion detection
  • 4/8CH video playback
  • Web server function with RJ45 interface
  • Support 10 users online, dual stream technology
  • SATA interface for working with SATA HDDs
  • RS485 interface for PTZ control

HDTVI 720P (1280x720) Demo

HDTVI Camera 720P Outdoor at Day

Camera with CS 4mm lens, 1280x720

HDTVI Camera 720P Outdoor at Day

Camera with CS 12mm lens, 1280x720

HDTVI Camera 720P Outdoor at Night

Camera with CS 4mm lens, 1280x720

What’s the advantage of HD-TVI technology?

500 meters long range video transmission

As we know, HD-SDI and conventional analog solutions only has limited 100 meters video transmission. Additionally, the cost of HD-SDI equipment is more expensive. The HDTVI technology offers long range distance video transmission at 1080P/720P through coaxial cable.  The cost of HD-TVI products is very affordable, permit users upgrade the system with minimum investment. This makes HDTVI become a perfect solution to fit all analog surveillance applications. Furthermore, the new HDTVI technology support UTC function which can allow user to remotely control the OSD menu and PTZ control via coaxial cable. This means user can quickly install and adjust the camera without accessing the camera itself.

Analog high definition resolution at 720P/1080P

Similar to HD-CVI (in house technology from Dahua) and HD-SDI, the new HDTVI cameras can deliver real time 720P/1080P HD resolution video without video latency. The HDTVI DVRs support full time 720P/180P video recording and playback. Through using HDTVI compatible cameras and DVRs, user can setup a complete new HD analog surveillance system or easily upgrade the existing conventional analog system to HD surveillance system.

Broad manufacturers to offer great compatibility

HDTVI equipment adhere to the HDTVI open standard, which guarantees trouble-free connection to other HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs. By the way, the new designed HDTVI DVR also can support traditional standard video camera for offering great flexibility.  All HDTVI HD cameras can access third party DVRs equipped with HDTVI technology from other manufacturers. The main HDTVI members including TVT, Hikvision, Hisharp, Unifore, LSVT...etc.

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