Home alarm system with camera for interactive monitoring

Home alarm system with camera for interactive monitoring

An interactive monitoring system can not only offer around-the-clock protection and monitoring, but also can allow user to remotely connect with their home. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. Today’s interactive monitoring system comes with free smartphone applications which run on smartphone or tablet, users can be aware of what’s going on at their home at all times. Here, we are going to discuss the benefits to have this kind of system installed.

1> Smartphone App Integration

Interactive monitoring begins with the smartphone App. Typically alarm system comes with free to download and use smartphone app which is available for both Android and iPhone, it gives user the ability to access the home alarm system and control the system from your smartphone in anywhere, whether you are at working, or travelling abroad, you’ll always be connected with your home.

2> Instant message and Push notification

Self-monitoring becomes the trend, user can receive the alerts and notifications instantly. This means that you can get the prompt alerts once a security sensor at your home is triggered. You also can immediately take action, no need third-party monitoring, no contract, no monthly subscription fee.

In addition to alert receiving, user can also be informed once the system’s status is changed. When alarm system is disarmed/armed, you will receive prompt message about it. This can be very useful to know when your child comes home from school or when your old parents arrive after work.

You’ll also be notified anytime the status of your system is changed. This can be incredibly helpful (and reassuring) to see when your child comes home from school or when your spouse arrives after work.

3> Watch HD live video

Professional security experts recommend you to install security camera. The security camera can add incredible features to your overall interactive monitoring. The power to view live streams straight on your smartphone device! Therefore when you receive an alert notification, you can watch the live video to see exactly what’s going on in your property.

Additionally, IP camera can work standalone without using video recorder, it comes with cloud storage or edge storage technologies, you can record the video footage as the investigation data, also some IP cameras support motion detection, once camera detects movement, it can capture high definition images, then send to your phone.

Many different cameras are available in the market, but they all have same feature and give you access to watch the live video, record the video footage, as well as two-way voice communication. Basically, you can install the camera at anywhere in your house.

Here are the three different cameras that Unifore offers:

  • Wireless outdoor camera – comes with heavy-duty metal fully-sealed structure to adopt outdoor environment. IP66 rated weatherproof design to withstand below-freezing temperature and heavy rain. The outdoor camera can provide long range night vision to cover a large area. It can be used to monitor your yards, garden.
  • Wireless Pan and tilt camera – an indoor camera with the widest viewing angle than traditional indoor cameras. It support pan/tilt rotation, Users can control it to maximize their field of view by panning and tilting around the room. Furthermore, it has a wide field of view lens, equipped with infrared LED illuminators to provide night vision. eRobot IP camera can support two-way voice intercom, and also works with wireless security sensors.
  • Wireless indoor camera - ideal for indoor home security, delivering 720p HD megapixel resolution images, allows users to keep an active eye on their home from anywhere. It has a viewing range up to 50 feet and can view activity in the dark.

Also, camera can enhance home security, it acts as a great burglar deterrent. When the potential burglar inspects a house and realizes that there are cameras watching his every move, the burglar definitely won't choose to take action. Sometimes when I walk into local convenience store, when I notice there is a camera staring at me, I feel nervous, although I haven't done anything wrong.

4> Remote Control and Smart Automation

With smartphone integration, the app also turns your smart phone device into a remote control for your home security system, further increasing your control. Some alarm systems like Cube alarm X8 can work with remote socket which allows you to control home appliances from anywhere. Forget to arm the system after leaving for work? No problem, just open up the app and arm it there.