How to choose driveway alarms?

Driveway Alarms offer simple, affordable perimeter security and comfort, they are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.
When you talk to any police officer they will tell you that criminals look at 'risk against the potential reward' when deciding where or when to commit a burglary, so by installing effective perimeter alarm systems to your property you are greatly reducing the risk and have the added benefit of no surprise visitors.
Our customers find that they prefer knowing that they have visitors (welcome or not) before they get to the house or office.

The basics for choosing the correct Driveway Alarm System, to suit your application are listed below:

1) Decide if you want to detect people and cars at the chosen location or locations, and how?
2) Decide on how many locations you want, or need to protect?
3) Work out the distance between the furthest sensor to the receivers?
4) Decide on how many receivers you need?
5) Decide on what you would like to happen when a detection is made?

With the decisions made from the list above, you can now find the best system to suit your needs, if you are not sure please contact us for friendly, no obligation advice.

Ultra Secure Ltd offer, probably the largest choice of Driveway Alarms in the UK, and have solutions for most applications.

We have detectors ranging from standard PIR's, Vehicle Only, Pet Friendly, Door & Gate Contacts, Rubber Floor Hoses, Security Floor Mats and more, all battery powered.

We have systems ranging from 80 - 900 meters transmission range.

We have a choice of receivers.

We have accessories to suit all needs, including Diallers, GSM Diallers, Sirens, Flashing Lights.

Ultra Secure Ltd, based in Northampton-shire, are more than happy for our customers to visit us at our showroom to decide which system suits them.

Quality Driveway Alarms for the UK!

These brilliant simple to install, security systems are designed to alert the home or business to :

  • The arrival of a welcome visitor or customer
  • The presence of an unwelcome visitor
  • The unwanted wandering of a child towards danger
  • Perhaps the wandering off by a person with special needs
  • A wandering pet


Need Help?

What Are Driveway Alarms !!
Our Driveway Alarms are basically wireless battery operated detectors that signal back to the house or office alerting the home or business owner to the presence of a visitor, these visitors may be welcome guests or customers, they may be very un-welcome persons. The detectors are always powered by battery making them easy systems to install, the receivers are normally plugged into a 13-amp wall socket although some battery operated portable units are available.
The signal can be silent so only the homeowner knows, or it can be made to be audible and/or visual. You can choose multiple detectors going back to one receiver, or one detector going back to multiple receivers to suit your needs & applications.
They are relatively new to the UK, but have been used in the USA for many years, they are however becoming very popular here as they are seen as the first line of defense, we are often told that it is to late when the burglar alarm inside the house is triggered, they are already in.

Choosing the correct system !!
Distance !!
Q) Decide how far between the house and outside location or locations it is in meters, (be aware that the working distance quoted by all manufacturers is clear line of sight, different objects located in-between the two locations will reduce the signal in various ways, in genaral glass makes little difference, modern building & wood make a moderate difference, large old stone buildings can reduce signals by up to 50%).
Q) Look to see how many buildings or trees are in between these two locations, take into account that trees will be full of leaves in summer months.
A) We sell a range of products which all work, as a basic rule if you want detectors simply on the outside of your building then the 80 meter system will work most of the time, if you want a detector on the wall of a large stone house or at a nearby location, the 200 or 300 meters systems may be best, if you are looking at distances from 300 - 900 meters then our 900 meter options will be best, after this distance you would need to be looking at out specialized systems including repeaters and GSM (sim card) technology.

Detectors !!
Q) Choose what you want to detect, this can be people and cars, vehicles only, it can be outside or inside remote buildings.
A) We have a range of detectors, all of our systems have the option of one sides PIR beams that will pick up people & cars, we also have narrow & pet friendly beams that will avoid activation from small animals, we also have probes that are hidden under ground for detecting vehicles & hoses that work like the old fashion garage alert systems, these are all found in our best selling 900 meter Dakota systems. For customers who want twin beams covering larger areas we can now supply our solar powered systems, they cover larger detection areas but are slightly more complicated to install.

Q) After the chosen detector or detectors have been activated and they have sent a wireless signal back to the receiver, what would you like to happen?, (in normal operation you will get a bleep or chime from all receivers, but we can adapt different systems to work in different ways).
A) We can offer many solutions, please see a list of the most popular below:
1) Trigger indoor & outdoor sirens and/or flashing lights to the receivers of the 200-300-900 meters systems by bell cable which allows you and the visitor to be alerted at any time, the length of time for the activation is normally only a few seconds, but this can be adjusted using extra parts. ( a simple switch can be fitted to the cable which allows you when to choose to have the siren working).
2) The 80 metre Wireless Driveway Alarm System has a built in 100 Db siren and an additional optional wireless siren.
3) Trigger dialers, these will send out pre-recorded voice or text messages to a selected number of land line or mobile telephone numbers.
4) Speech Alerts, we can trigger loud voices to boom out a pre-recorded message.
5) You may want a portable pager.