Home burglar alarm system training course

Home burglar alarm system mainly used for protection of home security and safety. It consists major four functions: 1. Intrusion detection, 2. Fire detection, 3. Emergency safety alarm, 4. Home automation.

Consist of home burglar alarm system:

1. Alarm Panel (it's the central control unit for whole alarm system, and it gives the response when received the alarm signal from sensors or accessories, also handle the alarm respectively.

    • 1.1 Classified by the transmission from alarm panel to sensor:

a.Wireless Alarm System
b. Hardwired Alarm System

    • 1. 2 Classified by the transmission of send out signal:

a. Land-line Alarm System (PSTN)
b. GSM Alarm System (Cellular Technology)
c. PSTN + GSM Alarm System

2. Sensors

3. Accessories

Wireless Alarm System

The meaning of wireless is transmission between sensors (including some accessories) and control panel using wireless radio (RF) frequency.The advantage of wireless alarm system is easy installation, user can install the alarm system by themselves.
The disadvantage of wireless alarm system is the transmission distance between the sensors and control panel, also it may interfered by other wireless signal.
Nowadays many wireless alarm system are using wireless frequency (RF): 315MHz (China), 433MHz (USA, EU, Africa,AU),868MHz (EU),912MHz
The transmission distance will be 100-200Meters (in open space)
The wireless alarm system is suitable for the small house/apartment which already decorated, and it's also a low-cost solution.

Hardwired Alarm System

The connection of sensors and alarm control panel via cables (wires), it's hardwired alarm system. Compare to wireless alarm system, Hardwired alarm system is more reliable than wireless, the reason is wireless signal is not always stable (or interfered by other wireless signal), also the transmission distance is short.
Due to hardwired alarm system using cables (wires), it's more suitable for the new house (not decorated). If hardwired alarm system installed in decorated house, then you may need to re-decorated it, due to installation will  ruin the decoration. By the way, the hardwired alarm system is not suitable for non-professional (without training) customers

Land-line Alarm System

When alarm is triggered, most of alarm systems are sending information. Land-line alarm system means it need to connect to land-line (telephone line). When alarm is triggered, the control panel will auto dial the preset phone number, then user (or monitoring company) can receive the calls and get notified.
The advantage: most of homes with land-line, so it's cheap way to send out alarm information,due to use land-line, also the alarm transmission is stable.The disadvantage is that some houses are located in remote area without land-line, then it can't use land-line alarm system, also land-line alarm system is not suitable for mobile installation environment.

At last, Land-line alarm system is afraid of cutting land-line by intruder (now most of land-line alarm system with cutting land-line alert function)

GSM Alarm System

Many manufacturers are producing GSM Alarm System. GSM Alarm System is a compact alarm system which integrated with GSM Cellular technology inside. Before use the GSM Alarm System, user need to insert a Valid SIM Card.

When Alarm is triggered, the alarm system will auto dial call and send short message to preset phone numbers.
Due to using cellular technology, GSM alarm system can install in anywhere which covered by GSM Cellular Network, the advantage is without land-line connection, and can send SMS alert, can be installed in mobile environment.

The disadvantage is GSM Alarm System must need to installed the place where there is GSM signal, and the GSM signal can be interfered by professional equipment.

PSTN + GSM Alarm System

PSTN + GSM alarm system, some people call dual network alarm system. it has the advantage of PSTN alarm and GSM alarm, Many products are using PSTN as the main alarm transmission,GSM as a backup equipment. When PSTN failed (for example, land-line is cut by intruder),then GSM will work.

Intrusion Detectors

Door/Window Magnetic Contact:Magnetic contacts are the most common sensing devices for sensing opening and closing of doors and windows. They are cheap and reliable.

Active Infrared  Motion Sensor: Active Infrared Beams Detectors (IR Beams) adopt the invisiable infrared detection technology. It consists of receiver and transmitter, transmitter emit the (2-4 beams) infrared beam, and the receiver will receive the beam. Infrared Fence Beams sensors are effective and unobtrusive methods for greatly increasing the level of protection at your home or business. Based on infrared technology, they can be configured to monitor the perimeter, driveways, swimming pools and unauthorized areas. These systems detect both people and vehicles and as such, are extremely versatile.

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor: Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensors protect space by 'looking' for changes in infrared (heat) energy levels caused by movement of an intruder. The passive infrared detectors are passive devices, they do not transmit any form of energy. When a person enters and moves within the detecting zone, his body which is at its normal temperature of 98.6 degree F., radiates more (or less) thermal energy than the surroundings and such minute difference in thermal energy is detected by the PIR. In simple words, PIR keeps a picture of the heat levels in its view and keeps on comparing the new view with the stored one. In case there is any change then they activate the alarm.

Laser Motion Sensor: Laser motion sensor are seldom used in motion detection, laser motion sensor come with transmitter and receiver. it user visible laser beam technology

Fire Alarm Detection

Smoke Detector: Smoke detector is for detection of fire & smoke, All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke and a very loud electronic horn to wake people up. Smoke detectors can run off of a 9-volt battery or 9-35V DC. It has been said that where there is smoke there is fire. It is even more true that where there is fire there is smoke. A fire sends little particles into the air. When these particles reach the smoke detector, they go through the little chamber where the electrons are flying from one electrode to the other. The smoke particles interfere with this flow enough to alert the microchip. The microchip is programmed to send a signal to the alarm.

Gas/CO/LPG Detector

Gas leak detectors can help you detect a LPG/natural gas/CO leak if you can't or don't notice its smell. When the gas reach to the alarm warning degree, the Gas detectors will make buzz sounds & lights to alert people.

Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are expensive, are not widely used for fire detection. Flame detectors will detect the fire flame, then alarm will be triggered.


Water leakage detector
Water leakage detector is for detection of water leaking for the house.

Panic Button or Emergency Button

Panic button (emergency button) are installed around the house, especially in public building. Panic button is a switch (on/off). In case of any panic situation, people can press the panic button.
Panic button can be wall mounted or can place under ground, also can wear to the neck (For old people of medical help).

Control Keypad

The usage of control keypad is programming and operation of control panel, it works like your keyboard of your computer. Most of wireless alarm systems are built-in keypad. Control keypad can with display or without display. User can programming the alarm system via keypad, can Activate (Arm) and De-Activate (Dis-Arm) the alarm system, keypad can show the time, date, alarm information...etc.


The purpose of siren are inform (alert) the home owner or neighbours  and the patrol policeman, also it can scaring the intruder stop to proceeding illegal actions.
There are two kind of siren: normal siren and strobe siren. Normal siren only can make sound, when alarm is triggered, Strobe siren can make sound and let the light flashing as the same time.

Backup Battery

Battery is the backup power for alarm system. When electricity lost, then the battery will provide the power sources, so that your alarm system can work in 24hours,365 days.
Hardwired alarm system are using solid-acid battery (for example: 12V 7A, it's rechargeable, but not green. Wireless alarm system are using Li-ion battery, due to it's smaller and high capacity.Li-ion battery are widely used in handsets.

EOL Resistors

EOL Resistors are essential parts for hard-wired alarm system. Due to sensors connect to panel using cables,so it's easy for intruder to cut or short-circuit the wires.
After use the EOL resistor, when there is trouble of the connection between sensors and panel, the alarm system will be triggered.
Please note that EOL resistor must to be installed on the side of sensor, not the control panel. If installed it in the control panel, then they are useless.