How to select the correct security system for home safety ?

When talking about home security, there are lots of aspects need to concern, people usually is concerned on buying home security system, that’s true, these professional high tech equipment can help you, but not a lot.

Home safety tips are as important as installation of home security systems

I have an intrusion experience before, it was happen in the morning, thanks god there is no any losses, due to my father found the intruder in time, and scare away him. Where is the intruder coming from? I mean how did him get inside, the story is the intruder follow my father, then stay on the second floor, when my father went out, and come back, he forget to lock the door, then the intruder find the right time and sneak into our house. Our neighbors had experienced some intrusion before, but not luckier than I’m, intruder stolen many valuable stuff from their house when sneak into home.

Even you have installed high tech alarm system. If you forget to Arm the system then it’s useless. It’s just like you forget to lock the door, so home safety and security tips are very important than just install a set of alarm system.

When install security system? Need it or not?

If you are in the high crime rate places or experienced the burglary before, or heard your neighbors robbed recently, you will think about home security and install alarm system. What I’m thoughts are it’s better to be prepared in case of bad thing happen, the theory like the each commercial building need to install fire alarm system. If buildings catch the fire, then the loss will be huge.

Self-monitoring or 24 hours monitoring alarm system?

Due to economic crises around the world, less people can afford monthly fees for monitoring their homes. Now more and more people are using self-monitoring alarm system, even some monitoring companies provide free installation service and equipment.

What’s 24 hours monitoring?

Companies that setup central monitoring station provide 24 hours monitoring service to home owners or business. They play the role of the link between your home and police station (other authorization department). The alarm will be handled by trained operator. Home owner need to sign the contract and pay monthly fees for the service. ADT is world famous monitoring company.

The benefit for monitoring service is you gave the monitoring work to trained and professional operators, no need to handle the alarm or emergency by yourself. These trained operate are better than you on handling these events.

What’s self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring means you will get informed when the abnormal event triggered the alarm, rather than go to central monitoring station, you will be replace the role of operators to handle the alarm by yourself, and be the link between your home and police station (or other authorities department).

The advantages of self-monitoring are you get informed immediately, and you check out what’s happen in your home or property and business. You only need to pay the cost of equipment, you don’t even to pay for the installation, due to most of these alarm systems are do it yourself to cut the cost.

Alarm system or video surveillance system?

Due to the privacy issue, the video surveillance system only can install outside of house for perimeter surveillance, or inside of exit and entrance of house. If you need security solution for apartment, then video surveillance system can not help you. Usually the apartment building with Property Management Company that handle the security of building.

Video surveillance systems are suitable for the villa, cottage, and individual house. When choose video surveillance system, you may need hire security guard to monitoring in real-time, handle and report the abnormal events. Without security guard, surveillance systems only provide the evidence (video) after unhappy things happen. By the way, if you want to get the useful evidence, it’s better to choose high definition (resolution) equipment.

Home alarm systems are widely used; you may find it in your neighbor’s house. It’s suitable for small apartment, from house to villa, even the bank vault. The beauty of alarm system is they will not invade the privacy when providing the effective protection, also with low cost, affordable price. In addition, use the wireless alarm system; you may no need to hire somebody to do the installation construction works.

Wireless alarm system or hardwired alarm system?

Wireless means no need to run cables, and no need to do lot of big scale construction work when you install wireless alarm. Also you can remove and re-install it to your new house when you move out from old house.

Lot of people trust on hardwired alarm systems because they are more reliable than wireless one. Hardwired alarms run the cables between vary of detectors and alarm panel. If you have unfinished house, or re-decoration on the house, then hardwired alarm system is the best choice. If you rent a house, or your house are already decorated, then you should take the consideration of wireless alarm system..

The problem for wireless alarm may come from two aspects; firstly, wireless distance transmission limitation between detectors and alarm panel, secondly, wireless alarm detectors run on battery, It may require you do more maintenance and testing frequently than hardwired alarms.

The other concern is the cost. The cost on the equipments for wireless alarm and hardwired alarm are the same. On installation, wireless cost less, hardwired need to pay more on cables and construction works.

Commonly used detectors for alarm system.

Different detectors are with different function and detection ability. Choosing the best detector to meet the specific application is very important.

PIR-based Motion Detector: Suitable for the indoor movement detection that without pets.

Don’t trust on cheap PIR-based motion detector with pet immune functions, because they may not with ability to do that.

Dual Tech (PIR + Microwave) Motion Detector: Indoor type is suitable for indoor usage. The dual tech motion detector usually is with pet immune feature. Outdoor type is with waterproof and special anti-interference design for outdoor usage.

Magnetic Contact Switch: The widely used sensing close and open device for windows and doors.

Mechanic based vibration detector: Mechanic vibration detector is sued in vibration detection application, suitable for the mechanic vibration for ATM machine, safes, and walls of vault.

Acoustic based vibration detector: Due to false rate, we seldom recommend this detector for detection of vibration. It’s so sensitive to noise, not vibration itself. Huge noise thunder at summer weather, car horn…etc may trigger the detector.

Glass break detector: They are professional devices on protecting of glass windows. It will analysis the noise to reduce the false alarm. I mean the true glass break detector, not the cheap one that only with acoustic vibration detection, without noise analysis. The cheap one work as the same as acoustic based vibration detector, many false alarms, it’s useless.

Importance items that you should not omit when install alarm system

Except commonly used intrusion detection detectors and control accessories, you may need to consider other importance detectors and equipment.

Many people are thinking about the burglary, and forget the fire alarm. As I know, all the burglar alarm system with fire alarm detection features. It’s better to order 2 units or more smoke detector, heat detector for your system.

More over, a panic button installed in your bedroom is very important to your home security. If you can choose between wireless and hardwired, it’s better to choose hardwired panic button, the reason is simple, you may don’t use it in a long time (maybe years), what if panic happen, and you push the wireless button, it doesn’t work due to the batteries already run out. That’s a terrible thing.

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