Locations to install security camera for house

Locations to install security camera for house

Undoubtedly, installing a complete video surveillance system is the greatest way to protect your home and family. The system can not only provide you an effective deterrent, but also allow you to remotely watch the any activities at home, as well as record the real-time video. After you have bought the security camera sets, you must be wonder where these cameras should be installed.

Location is the key factor to make your system work effectively. Typically, you need to install the security cameras on some key areas which are essential for protecting your property from theft (burglary, break-ins). Herein we shed a light on this matter, and complied a list of the top locations where security camera usually installed.

Front Door

From burglary crime statistics, nearly one-third of burglars enter through the front door and 80% of break-ins occur through a locked door. This is the most frequently breached entry-point for your home security.

For basic security measure, make sure your front door has a high-quality and reliable deadbolt lock installed, additionally you can put a security camera on operation stick on your front door or a sign in your front yard to deter burglars.

When try to install a set of surveillance camera system, installing a high definition day/night security camera to point at your front door is very important. You can install the camera on the corner of wall or on the eaves of your roof. If your house has second story, you can mount the camera on the second floor, aim it at your front door. Camera should be installed on much higher location where camera can't be reached by hand. This can prevent the camera from potential vandalism. Mounting in second story is highly recommended to install the camera. If your house is a single story home, a vandal-proof/resistant security camera is suitable for this case. A vandal-proof/resistant camera offers extra protection because it's resistant to tampering and impact from burglars.

House Windows

Opened and unlocked windows as well as ground level windows are ideal places where burglars love breaking into house. Having an outdoor security camera aimed at front windows decrease the possibility of home burglary.

Additionally, many homeowners leave a window open or unlocked when they are away from home or sleep at night. This is a huge mistake that leave your house vulnerable and providing burglars with an easy entry point. Remember to always keep your windows closed and locked when you are not in the house.

The Back Door

Regularly, the back door is located in an obvious place, this makes it become the second most popular entry point for home thieves. Undoubtedly, having a security camera with a clear view of your back door is quite important. Similar to other places, ensuring the video camera isn't reachable to burglars. You can install a motion activated flood light to keep your backdoor well-lit. 

Interior Rooms

You also can consider to install security camera for interior rooms, especially for lobby and book room or working room. Indoor dome camera are ideal for interior video monitoring. Because indoor dome cameras come with compact size design, and less intrusive to your house decoration. Besides, you can install a hidden camera as the baby monitor which allows you to watch, hear, talk with your babies remotely. Some baby monitors can detect sound and motion, you will get notified once your baby is crying or crawling. Also you can install a security camera to aim at places have valuable items such as safe box, jewelries, antiques.  

The Garage

Your garage is also another potential enter-point for home burglary. Burglars can enter into your home through unlocked garage or by using a garage door opener. Mount a security camera on eaves of garage roof or place that has a good view of your garage and driveway. Keep your garage doors locked at all times (even when you are home), and keep your garage door opener out of sight.

The Backyard

If your house has a backyard, it's also important to install a security camera that can provide you a clear view of your backyard. A outdoor security camera with a wide view angle and long IR range is ideal for your backyard video surveillance. Also, it's better to keep your backyard well-lit. Many homeowners keep expensive recreational equipment and lawn and garden equipment out in their backyard. Don’t make your backyard enticing to thieves. Keep all equipment out of view, or locked in a shed.