What is a false alarm,How to reduce it ?

What is a false alarm?

A false alarm is any alarm caused by human error or equipment problems resulting in police response, with no evidence of an actual crime having been committed.

Do I call the  Police Department when my alarm goes off to cancel police response?

No, you ALWAYS call your monitoring alarm company to attempt to cancel police officer response.


When should my alarm system be tested?

-  Regularly!  Monthly by the alarm user, and on all service calls by technicians.
-  When the alarm user changes their telephone service (DSL, call waiting, etc.).
-  When the alarm user has experienced telephone problems.
-  When the alarm user suspects there is an equipment malfunction.
- When you have a power failure/lightning damage.

How should I test my alarm system?

ALWAYS contact your alarm company/monitoring company before you do anything!!!
Your alarm company will provide you with testing information.  Please follow their instruction carefully to avoid unnecessary false alarms.

What can I do, as the alarm user, to help the Tempe Police Department reduce false alarms?

-  Make sure everyone is familiar with the alarm system operations.
-  Secure doors and windows before turning on the system.
-  Be aware of changes in the environment (new animals, design changes,
seasonal decorations, and plants).
-  Notify your monitoring alarm company of any and all changes (houseguests, name changes, new employees, termination of employees).
-  Equipment should be routinely inspected by the alarm user and also be maintained by qualified personnel (check all contact and routinely dust motion detectors, where spiders like to live).

What are the most frequent human errors that cause false alarms?

-  Use of incorrect keypad codes.
-  Failure to train other authorized users (employees, janitors, delivery personnel).
-  Failure to notify your monitoring alarm company of unscheduled openings or closings
(for businesses using set schedules).          
-  Failure to update authorized personnel list with your monitoring alarm company.
-  Failure to secure doors and windows before turning on the alarm.

What are the most frequent equipment problems that cause false alarms?

-  Improper application or installation of interior motion detectors (sensors are set too sensitive).
-  Improper application or installation of outdoor beams.
-  Improper charging or checking of system batteries.
-  Faulty equipment (panels, detectors, keypads).

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