Analog HD Solution: 960H AHD HDCVI HDTVI HDSDI

Video security system becomes so cheap nowadays. Currently, we have many HD solutions to allow user setup a complete HD video surveillance system. The latest solutions including 960H, AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI, as well as HDSDI.

960H is released and promoted by Sony, who is the leader in past traditional video surveillance technology. These cameras are based on Sony 960H image sensor and Effio DSP can deliver maximum over 700 tv lines resolution. Some camera manufacturers put the 800 tv lines on camera's tag & its specification.

960H camera is based on CCD image sensor, which has great sensitivity at low light environment, and providing extreme low noise images on day/night video surveillance. Due to 960H camera inherits traditional analog design, therefore these cameras are compatible with your standard surveillance system. Through working with 960H DVR, you can achieve 16:9 aspect standard HD video surveillance. 960H is mature HD solution, you can find wide range of 960H cameras and 960H DVR to fit your applications.

AHD stands for Analog High Definition, it's launched by the Nextchip, which is another ISP (image signal processor) manufacturer in South Korea. The AHD camera adopts progressive scan CMOS image sensor, included with ICR filter to provide true day/night video surveillance, the AHD ISP can provide 3D digital noise reduction and digital wide dynamic range function to enhance overall images.  Through working with different CMOS image sensor (Omnivision and Sony), the AHD camera can deliver 720P and 1080P HD video.  Long video transmission is advantage of AHD technology, video transmission distance can reach up to 500 meters over standard coaxial cable.

Until now, you can find limited 720P AHD cameras in the market, but you can't find any AHD DVR which is dedicated to work with AHD cameras for video recording. Many CCTV manufacturers provide the AHD kit with 720P AHD camera and 960H DVR.

HDCVI is in house technology from Dahua. This is another HD solution which enable user to achieve 720P and 1080P HD video solution. The HDCVI camera also adopts the CMOS image sensor  and ISP from Dahua. Since the technology is from Dahua, and the solution is not open to other manufacturers, many CCTV manufacturers reluctantly launch the HDCVI solution.  Similar to AHD solution, the HDCVI also supports long distance video transmission, which up to 500 meters. 

Most importantly, HDCVI camera need to work with HDCVI DVR, and only Dahua has the capability to design and produce the HDCVI camera module and HDCVI DVR, hence users don't have too much selection on models. 

As one of professional manufacturer, Hikvision launched the HDTVI solution. HDTVI is the abbreviation of High Definition Transport Video Interface.  HDTVI is based on traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission, it supports not only 720P/1080P video signal, but also including audio, data signal over long distance up to 500 meters. 

Compared to HDCVI, the HDTVI camera can deliver high clarity images with high definition, and its technology derives from an American company, thus all security manufacturers can develop HDTVI cameras, which in turn, offers great selection range for users. But we still haven't seen many HDTVI models, few company has launched HDTVI DVR yet.

HD-SDI, possibility, it's most mature High Definition solution for analog video surveillance system. HD-SDI has its own alliance which is called HDcctv. HD-SDI can transmit excellent high quality images which reach up to 720P and 1080P resolution. This solution is better than other newest solutions (including AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI). Compared to other solutions, HDSDI equipment is really expensive, and it also has strict requirement for coaxial cable. Using good quality RG59 coaxial cable, HD-SDI can reach up to 100 meters transmission distance. Low quality and standard coaxial cable will shorter its transmission distance.

In a nutshell, AHD and HDCVI, HDTVI solutions are very similar, they are ideal for residential HD surveillance applications. For commercial solutions, it's better to choose HD-SDI equipment or IP surveillance system.

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