Analog video resolution QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, HD1, D1, 960H

QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, HD1, D1, 960H are resolution formats to describe the video resolution (We can simply understand its size or dimension of video). All these formats evolved from CIF as its base.

What's CIF?

CIF: Common Intermediate Format, it's one of common and widely used video transmission format in video conference, CIF's resolution is 352x288, the frame per second can reach 30fps, and compliant with ITU H.261 video conference protocol. Reference: Common Intermediate Format (Wikipedia)

Formats related to CIF

QCIF: Quarter common intermediate format. Simply understand this QCIF is half resolution of CIF both in horizontal and vertical resolution.

DCIF: Double CIF, this is rare format. DCIF resolution is video image converts add and even two HALF D1 to D1 through anti-interlace method, D1 for border processing into 4CIF (704x576), 4CIF through 3/4 shrink, shrink vertically 2/3, converted into 528x384.

4CIF: Four time the CIF. We can simply understand its resolution (both horizontal and vertical) is two-fold.


Resolution xxx*xxx is the image format horizontal television lines* vertical television lines.

Format Resolution (PAL) Resolution (NTSC)
960H 960*576 960*480
D1 704*576 704*480
HD1 352*576 352*480
DCIF 528*384 528*320
2CIF 704*576 704*480
CIF 352*288 352*240
QCIF 176*144 176*120

QCIF vs CIF vs 4CIF vs D1


  1. Common Intermediate Format
  2. 960H vs D1 resolution

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