What's the advantage of AHD camera?

AHD (Analog High Definition) is new HD solution, AHD technology can transmit video signal over traditional coaxial cable up to 500 meters; it adopts advanced Y/C signal separation and analog signal filtering technology, which can effectively reduce color noise, and with better image reproduction. Compared with traditional analog cameras, AHD technology has significant improvement on imaging. Similar to IP camera, AHD's maximum resolution can reach up to 1080P.

AHD products including AHD cameras, AHD DVR, and AHG products, as well as AHB products. AHD products are compatible with D1/960H, AHD cameras adopt ISP and TX to make it more stable and has low power consumption.

AHD three formats:

    • AHD08: Image definition between 960H and 720P, max to 800TVL
    • AHD10: Image definition of AHD is equals to 720P IP camera
    • AHD20: Image definition up to 1080P
HD-AHD 720P Camera Module

AHD cameras advantages:

    • High resolution: Advanced signal filtering, 3D noise reduction, higher image resolution, better image reproduction.
    • Long range transmission distance: max. 500 meters over traditional 75-3 coaxial cable.
    • No video latency: Uncompressed video, real time transmitting
    • Better compatibility: Compatible with D1/960H products.
    • Easy to install: Support OSD menu, easy to operate and install
    • Low cost: Same price like traditional analog camera, but high definition image quality.
    • Open standard: AHD chip-set from third-party provider - Nextchip. Its standard is open for every security manufacturers.

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