Tuya Intrusion Alarm System GSM or 4G LTE

What’s difference between 4G and GSM Burglar Alarm System?

Typically burglar alarm system adopts redundant design on its network pathway, cellular network becomes the primary communicating pathway for burglar alarm systems. As the time GSM cellular becomes avaialbe, it has been introduced into intrusion security systems. Today, many manufacturers provide intrusion alarm system that supports either GSM or 4G LTE network. However, this does not mean they are the same.

Intrusion alarm system 4G or GSM 

4G intrusion alarm system adopts 4G cellular module, while GSM intrusion alarm systems adopt the GSM one. There is no difference on functionality. However, GSM intrusion alarm system only accepts SIM cards from cellular carriers who still provide GSM cellular service. 4G intrusion system can accept SIM cards as it downwardly supports GSM. 

The Reason why 4G replace GSM

Unlike security cameras which require high bandwidth to transmit high definition video stream, the low bandwidth offered by the GSM cellular technology is adequate for intrusion alarm system. Cellular network enables the intrusion alarm panel to make phone call and send text message, the significant improvement over bandwith from 4G LTE is not useful for intrusion alarm panels. Apparently, upgrading GSM to 4G LTE does not improve the functionality and performance of the intrusion alarm system. The transition/upgrading only enables the intrusion alarm system to use cellular network to transmit alarm signals.

Should I buy 4G intrusion alarm system?

Depending on your location, GSM is still running in most of countries around the world. However, some cellular carriers in particular area may withdraw the GSM cellular network to save budget. For example, AT&T, the primary cellular carrier in US is going to shut down the GSM&3G cellular netowrk, this causes fierce opposition in security industry. If you’re in US or the country where GSM is going to phrased out, then you should buy 4G intrusion alarm system.

In conclusion, if you’re are in US, or other countries which cellular carriers is going to withdraw GSM/3G cellular network, you should not buy the GSM burglar alarm system. You may opt for GSM intrusion alarm system as GSM is still supported by most cellular carrriers in the world.