Solar powered wireless perimeter alarm system

How to pair wireless photoelectric beam with burglar alarm system?

Wireless perimeter alarm system solution that uses solar powered photoelectric beam detectors and smart burglar alarm panels. The photoelectric beam detectors integrates with solar panel and has a rechargeable battery built-in to provide truly wire-free perimeter solution. By employing dual beam technology that only triggers an alarm when both beams are interrupted simultaneously which in turn can significantly reduce false detection. When a pair of photoelectric beam detector works, it creates an invisible fence around your property. It has a 433MHz wireless module built-in that emits alarm signal when the detector is tripped.

Introduction to wireless perimeter security sys

Offering a completely wire-free installation that requires no maintenance apparently is the primary advantage of solar powered photoelectric beam detectors. Such wireless perimeter intrusion monitoring system supports do-it-yourself installation, greatly reduce the time and cost on installation.

The burglar alarm panel is a sleek and slim design wireless alarm panel that includes a 4.3 inch full touchscreen. The alarm panel supports up to 100 pieces editable and programmable wireless zones, works with up to 100 units of different security sensors. It has GSM/GPRS/3G cellular module and Tuya IoT Wi-Fi module built-in to support both 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless and cellular network communication. The system includes a wireless touchscreen alarm panel, a wireless PIR motion sensor, a wireless magnetic contact switch, two remote controls, two RFID keychains. When the security detector is tripped, the alarm system can notify users by making auto-dialing phone calls, sending SMS, sending push notification alerts. Users are able to control the system via SMS commands and app remotely.

The alarm panel uses Tuyasmart/Smart Life app which offers reliable and flexible remote connection. You’re able to use the app to not only access our security products, but also a diversity security cameras, smart home automation products from more than a hundred manufacturers.

How to pair the perimeter beam with smart alarm panel

Let’s back to the main topic, you just need to use the photobeam receiver for the pairing. Connecting the solar panel to the photobeam receiver and turn on your wireless alarm panel.

wireless photoelectric beam receiver
Connect the receiver to solar panel

The next, tapping “menu” > “Parts” > “Detectors” page, you’re able to know the programmed detectors and pair new detectors with alarm panel on this page. Then, tapping “+” to begin the pairing.

Trigging tamper protection alarm by pressing the tamper switch
Activate the beam detector
Go to menu and part to input zone information
Go to menu and part to input zone information

On “Set Name/Mode” page, you’re able to change name of the detector, and which zone type it belongs to. The next, you need to assign a zone number for the photobeam detector. After select and enter the require info, tap “Ok” to proceed, now the alarm panel enters the pairing status and it’s ready to receive wireless signals.

Select zone name, zone type, zone number for your detector
Select zone name, zone type, zone number for your detector
Input zone number
Input zone number

Now using one of your finger to press and hold the tamper swich on photobeam receiver, then release it to activate the tamper protection alarm. The Red/alarm indicator will light on when photobeam detector is activated, and the alarm panel will make a sound to confirm that the reception is successful. After complete the above mentioned steps, you have done the pairing, you’re able to test the detector after the system is armed.

Video tutorial for the pairing

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