Best Wi-Fi Smart IP Cameras 720p/1080p Support ONVIF

To monitor and secure your home or office, you don't need to install a complete analog camera system or even IP camera NVR system. Today, you can just buy and use eRobot smart IP camera. eRobot stands for eye robot, it not only delivers crystal images with HD resolution (720p/1080p), but also provides you smart features such as accurate passive infrared (PIR) motion detection and temperature/humidity detection. 

Today, we are pleased to introduce you the Unifore D1000, which is an intelligent network cube camera. This camera adopts silver mirror housing design, the lens housing attach to silver stand, and it's rotatable, camera can rotate 360 degree horizontally, and vertical 90 degree tilt. This special design can allow camera to obtain ideal view angle for different installation methods whether you want to ceiling/wall mounted to camera or put it on desk/bookshelf.

Intelligent network cube camera

▲D1000 Camera + USB Power Adapter + RJ45 Connector▲

Intelligent cube camera + eRobot 2CU

▲D1000 Camera comes with eRobot 2CU App▲

Unifore D1000 - 720p HD Video Monitoring

▲D1000 - 720p HD Video Monitoring▲

Unifore D1000 Smart IP Camera- Side View

▲D1000 Smart IP Camera- Side View▲

Unifore D1000 Smart IP Camera- Rear View

▲D1000 Smart IP Camera- Rear View▲

Smart IP Camera Features

HD resolution icon720p/1080p HD Monitoring
Utilizing 1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver crisp images with 720p HD resolution (1080p for future model). This camera can provide you higher resolution than regular analog camera.
Thermostats iconTemperature/Humidity Monitoring
Built-in temperature/humidity sensor to provide environment monitoring, know the temperature degree and humidity value on your smartphone remotely.
Temperature Alert iconTemperature Alerts
Allow user to setup certain temperature degree, once surrounding environment temperature changes to trigger point, the camera will send push notifications to mobile device. No need to use smoke sensor, you also can detect fire
Two-way talk iconTwo-way talk
Built-in high sensitive microphone, and loud speaker. Support two way talk, you can hear voice from camera, while talk back. Easy and free voice communication with your family members.
Motion detection iconDual Motion Detection
D1000 has built-in PIR motion sensor which can provide 110 degree space detection, integrates with video motion detection, this camera can provide you accurate motion detection. Once it picks up human movement, it can send you push notification, plus email with snapshots.
Day & night iconDay & Night Monitoring
Keep an eye on your house or small business with this smart camera which can provide day & night video monitoring. It has equipped with 2 infrared array LEDs to provide night vision, up to 10 meters.
WiFi connection iconWiFi/Wired Connection
This is a WiFi camera, it supports wireless network connection, also can be connected to your router with wired Ethernet cable. User can install the camera to anywhere as long as there is WiFi coverage.
MicroSD card iconOn-board Video Storage
Take a look at camera, it has MicroSD (TF) card slot design to support local video storage up to 128G. The video and motion pictures can be recorded locally, which provide a great flexibility to users who require video storage.

Lastly, all our eRobot cameras comply with ONVIF standard/protocol. This enable camera to be integrated with professional IP video surveillance system. It works with network video recorders from third-party brands (including Samsung, Hikvision, Dahua, Vivotek, Panasonic, Sony...etc). It also work with ONVIF Client Software, ONVIF Viewer and more other open-source video management software. Additionally, Unifore offers free CMS Client Software to allow users to manage multiple eRobot cameras from single PC.