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Digital central station receiver with PC-based monitoring software

Many people think setup a central monitoring station must be very expensive, especially for the alarm receiving equipment. Unifore Security can provide high quality with cost effective Digital Alarm Receiver with free monitoring software to meet medium and large monitoring service solution.

Unifore Security is one of top central monitoring station equipment manufacturer that provide state of art Digital Alarm Receiver and free monitoring software (PC-based). All our digital alarm receiver with standard 2 lines which can handle 65000 subscribers, these receivers can be expand to 16 lines. For our Model: R-2004G and R-2005GSM, they build-in GSM module which is able to receive SMS alarm, as well as send SMS to users via software. These digital alarm receivers are designed to receive ADMECO Contact ID, 4+2 Express, 1/3, 1/4 alarm from major alarm system manufacturers like Honeywell/ADEMCO, PARADOX, DSC, BOSCH, Skylink....etc.
How Central Monitoring Station Works ?

More over, we provide PC-based monitoring software with alarm receiver for free, this software can be installed in computer, support muti-operators and huge amount of functions. If facing problem on installation and operation, we provide 24 hours tech support.

(Please note that our software only works when it detects the Digital Alarm Receiver. After purchase digital alarm receiver, we will send the authorization code for software and digital alarm receiver)

Part A:  Digital Alarm Receiver

R-2005G Front View

Main Features:

Receiver with Lightning-proof design, RS232 port to connect PC, support Caller ID, real-time telephone line status check (line-cut detection) and reminding, alarm receiving buzz reminding, built-in listen-in function.With LCD display and can show date, time, alarm event...etc, receiver can store 300 pcs of calling information when the computer is power off, can connect to +12V backup power in the event of power failure. (Integrated with GSM Module for receiving SMS, and send mass SMS)

More information about features, please check here:
Part B: Software screenshot:
On the top of software, there are tool menu. Digital alarm receiver status and telephone line status, GSM signal status, time are displayed on the bottom of software.
Operator Login and Administrator Manage
Map Display in Standby Status:
Map Display on Standby Status
Alarm Display and Pop-up Window:
Alarm Display Pop Up Window
Add Subscribers or account:
Add Subscribers or Account
System Configuration and communication protocol define:
System Configuration and Communication Protocol Setup
Sent Short Message Via Software
If you need more detail information about the software running, you can watch the demo from below link:
If you still don't know how central monitoring station works,  please check here:
If you have already purchased our Digital Alarm Receiver R-2005GSM, then please download the updated software from here:
Get updated software, please contact our sales representative or E-mail to techsupport@hkvstar.com