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X10 smart burglar alarm system

2019's free monitoring burglar alarm system mobile app control home automation

When we consider to prevent burglary and secure our home, we incline to choose security cameras, partly because local alarm monitoring service is expensive or not popular in community. From experts' view, burglar alarm monitoring system is much better than video surveillance system for home security, a properly installed burglar alarm system can effectively protect your home away from burglary. Unlike security cameras, burglar alarm system can deter intruders and notify home owners in event of attempted burglary. As the opposite, video surveillance system requires a dedicated security guard to monitor security video 24 hourly. Certainly, using the combination of both camera and burglar alarm system is the best choice which can yield more benefits than using merely one kind of system. We not only provide you the cutting edge burglar alarm system that will never fail to detect intruders, but also the latest HD wireless cameras which provides smooth remote view for residential video surveillance.

Recommended DIY burglar alarm system

DIY burglar alarm systems are prevailing in market, because these systems now support controlling and accessing through smartphone. You’re able to control system and even be notified by the system upon alarm activation. This eliminates the intermediate, you don’t need to sign alarm monitoring contract and pay recurring fee monthly in order to have your property protected. Since most system adopts wireless technology, nowadays people buy wireless alarm systems offer Do-it-yourself installation.

As one of pioneer in security industry, Unifore also produces and supplies DIY burglar alarm system. For example, X9 and X10 system. Both system are basic kits for starters, each system includes one self-contained alarm panel, one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless door sensor, and two remote controls. Both system adopts top-notch technology to fight against intruders, most importantly unlike traditional home alarm system they supports both Wi-Fi/Internet and Cellular communication.

Free monitoring and control by mobile app

Unifore X9 and X10 system can connect to Internet/network through Wi-FI connection. Moreover it has SIM card slot can accept SIM card. Due to the redundant design, the system provides the most reliable alarm communication. Comparing those pure Wi-Fi alarm system, our system can not only send push notification alerts, but also make auto-dialing voice call and send SMS when alarm occurs. This feature is very crucial since nowadays smartphone will receive numerous push notification alerts daily, we are prone to ignore some of them. The voice phone call and SMS ensures you to get notified promptly.  

X9 App Controllable Home Security System
X9 App Controllable Home Security System

Furthermore, the burglar alarm system can remember up to five different phone numbers for alarm notification. If the first call is not put through, it will automatically call the next. You’re able to program other phone numbers of your family members, relatives, or neighbors.

Both X9 and X10 share the same features such as app control, Wi-Fi and cellular communication, wireless & wired zones, home automation. However, X9 alarm panel includes LCD display and touchpad for local operation. In addition to programming via smartphone App, X9 alarm panel can be programmed and operated via the touchpad.

How to plan your own home security system?

It takes a bit of time to study how to use burglar alarm system. Experts suggest people pretending to be an intruder and find the vulnerable points of your house. After knowing places where should be monitored, you can use a wide range of different burglar sensors to monitor those areas. Normally, people choose door sensor to secure each entry-points like front door, backyard door, windows, sliders. PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor are famous to protect space such as interior rooms, or aisles. Photoelectric beam sensors are suitable to protect the compound of your house, they provide perimeter alarm monitoring and protection, which stop intruders before they enter into your house to steal your valuable properties. In addition to burglar alarm monitoring, many people use photoelectric smoke sensor for fire prevention purpose. Some users also consider to use CO detector to protect family members from poison odorless CO leakage, and use Gas detector to detect explosive or flammable gas leakage.