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Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor

Sony unveiled first 4K resolution starvis CMOS imag sensor IMX334

Sony engineers recently developed a new monochrome CMOS image sensor model based on its patent Starvis technology. The model including IMX334LLR which offers high-end video shooting with 4K resolution at 60 frames per seconds, and IMX334LQR which not only supports 4K60fps, but also 1080P@120fps video shooting capability. The Sony IMX334 is a solid-state image sensor only captures monochrome image, based on its patent Starvis technology, the sensor provides world top best sensitivity under dim light condition, so it’s suitable for some fields like video surveillance cameras, industrial cameras, unmanned aerial vehicle/aircraft cameras.

Similar to other high-end CMOS sensor in Starvis portfolio, IMX334 provides two high dynamic range or wide dynamic range output mode. One mode is multiple exposure WDR(combing several frames to one), the other is DOL (Digital overlap) WDR. Comparing normal CMOS image sensor, when IMX334 works under DOL-WDR mode, it can simultaneously output three different frames of images on each line, after combining them according to algorithm to produce a DOL-WDR image. The DOL WDR can greatly enhanced image clarity when camera works under challenging light condition.  

Sony IMX334 Features

  • CMOS active pixel type dots
  • Built-in timing adjustment circuit, H/V driver and serial communication circuit
  • Input frequency: 6 to 27/37.125/74.25MHz
  • Number of recommended recording pixels: 3840(H)x2160(V) 8.29 megapixel
  • Readout mode, all-pixel scan mode, window cropping mode
  • Vertical/Horizontal direction-normal/Intered-readout mode
  • Readout rate, 3840x2160 60frame/s A/D 12-bit
  • High dynamic range function, multiple exposure HDR, Digital overlap HDR
  • Varial-speed shutter function
  • bit/12-bit A/D converter
  • CDS/PGA function, analog gain 30dB
  • Analog gain 30dB + Digital Gain 0.3 to 42dB
  • CSI-2 serial data output (4 Lane/8 Lane, RAW10/RAW12 output)

Technical parameter

  • Item: IMX334LLR
  • Output image size: Diagonal 8.86 mm (Tyep 1/1.8)
  • Number of effective pixels: 3864 (H) × 2180 (V)approx. 8.42M pixel
  • Unit cell size: 2.0 µm (H) × 2.0 µm (V)
  • Optical blacks Horizonta Front: 0 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
  • Optical blacks Vertical Front: 13 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
  • Input drive frequency: 6 to 27MHz / 37.125MHz / 74.25 MHz
  • Output Interface: MIPI CSI-2 (4 Lane / 8 Lane, RAW 10 / RAW 12 output)                        
  • Package: 128-pin LGA
  • Supply voltage VDD (Typ.): 2.9 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V