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Smartsens SC8238 4K CMOS image sensor

Smartsens unveiled 4K CMOS image sensor SC8238 to compete Sony in high-end market

Recently, Smartsens unveiled a new CMOS image sensor to its SmartClarity portfolio, the model SC8238 is the first 4K resolution sensor that is specifically designed for consumer grade video applications. It means the Chinese company now starts to compete with Sony in high-end CMOS image sensor market. Sony is the global leading CMOS image sensor developer and supplier. Comparing with Sony, Smartsens CMOS image sensors are majorly applied to many low price products that mostly made-in-china.

Since the development of smart city and home automation market, consumer video devices enter into 4K resolution era, there is a strong demand for 4K CMOS image sensor. SmartSens SC8238 is a 1/2.7” optical format image sensor owns lower power consumption but high sensitivity advantages. According the news release, SC8238 adopts 1.5um back-illuminated pixel technology (BSI), it’s able to achieve the lowest power consumption 1160mV/Lux among same level products, comparing with similar products from rival, its optical size and pixel has improved 30% above.

Take its product performance and low price advantages, SC8238 can help product developers to achieve optimum imaging performance while reduce the cost, the application includes home security cameras, home automation and IoT cameras, conference video system and entry-level sports camera.

Smartsens’s SmartClarity portfolio is mainly target to camera application, it utilizes industry-leading back-illuminated technology, can provide excellent imaging performance, it also has good sensitivity under dim lighting condition.

What’s difference between SmartSens and Sony?

Sony CMOS image sensor is the best around the global market; it’s no doubt that Sony CMOS image sensors have the best performance and quality. Sony owns nearly 60% share in CMOS image sensor market, it not only released excellent 4K CMOS, but also the 8K CMOS image sensors are empowered to many high-end security cameras and consumer cameras.

SmartSens is a emerging company that currently compete with Sony in low market. The company is benefiting from high-tech scheme which is backed by Chinese government. Smartsens CMOS image sensors are much cheaper than Sony, hence many Chinese suppliers are willing to use their products to launch lower price products that can help to compete in market.

Though SmartSens CMOS image sensors are durable and high quality, they have some weakness. Some models don’t have high light sensitivity comparing with Sony. This weakness limits the application of CMOS, they cannot be used in starlight security cameras, or high-end consumer cameras.