Panoramic Video Surveillance in iPad

360 degree fisheye VR camera - 1.3MP WiFi Yoosee

We have launched the 360 degree fisheye panoramic camera that offers HD video surveillance with VR user experience. The Unifore next generation VR camera can support WiFi connection (802.11 b/g/n), making it to be easily installed.

360° panoramic IP camera

360° panoramic IP camera live demo - Vatics solution

Introducing the 3-megapixel 360° panoramic IP camera. This product leverages professional panoramic hardware dewarping processor – Vatics M3881C and 1/3” 3-megapixel low-light progressive scan CMOS image sensor (ON Semiconductor AR0330) to capture high quality, wide-angle video with respective 360° and 180° coverage.

Arecont Vision 180° Panoramic View IP Camera AV20185DN-HB

Arecont Vision AV20185DN-HB is a 20 megapixel day&night 180° panoramic view IP camera. This camera consists of four individual 5.0 megapixel IP camera modules, and utilizing Arecont Vision's unique image sensing technology, combining four images into one panoramic view image through its software algorithm. In real testing, the camera can deliver high quality images with good low illumination performance. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use.

Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I Panoramic/Fisheye IP Camera Tested

Fish-eye technology is also called panoramic view can allow user monitor whole area with only single camera. Today we are going to introduce the latest panorama IP camera from Hikvision, model DS-2CD6362F-I. This camera can support two different view modes, including 360 degree and 180 degree. The monitoring scene can be split-ed into four difference views, convenient for detail monitoring, the night vision performance of this camera is quite impressive.

Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I Panoramic Camera

Panoramic network camera: video surveillance 360º

Megapixel Panoramic Network Camera

Panoramic security camera is a new type of video surveillance camera that attracts consumer interest. Compared with conventional security cameras, a panoramic camera perhaps is the most best choice when a 360º monitoring is required. In such kind of monitoring place, instead of installing several security cameras, you only need to use one set of panoramic camera to have the entire area covered, which helps the user reduce the budget, installation and maintenance burden.

Panoramic Security Cameras

Top 10 best panoramic network cameras for video surveillance

Offering 360 degree panoramic viewing angle is the one of biggest benefits of panoramic network cameras. The panoramic camera isn’t the new product in video surveillance industry, it has existed for almost a decade, old panoramic security cameras merely can capture 360 degree image, but will loose the detail. After the appearance of dewarping technology (industry experts call it dewarping algorithm), the new panoramic cameras can correct the image distortion to output flat image. Thanks to the fast improvement on image quality and image resolution. In addition to providing the surround view, today’s panoramic security cameras can offer flat image view containing details. So that simply installing a panoramic camera can replace multiple ordinary security cameras to cover the whole area. Consequently, the panoramic network security cameras become popular in recent two years.

VIVOTEK FE8172V 5 Megapixel Panoramic Fisheye IP Camera Tested

Vandal-proof and metal base design

From its outside design and structure, FE8172V is an aesthetic design vandal-proof Panoramic IP camera with a metal base. the transparent optical cover protects its delicate fisheye lens, shows modern technology style. After we remove the screws and open the cover, we can see its all-in-one mother-board inside. By the way, this camera can withstand -40 Celsius degrees to 50 Celsius degrees operation environment, with IP66 rated weatherproof, anti-dust design. More over, it meets EN50155 standard which allow it provide reliable performance even working in shock and vibration environment. Lastly, this panoramic IP camera supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and support local video storage by SD/SDHC/SDXC.

VIVOTEK FE8172V 5 Megapixel Panoramic Camera