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VIVOTEK FE8172V 5 Megapixel Panoramic Fisheye IP Camera Tested

Vandal-proof and metal base design

From its outside design and structure, FE8172V is an aesthetic design vandal-proof Panoramic IP camera with a metal base. the transparent optical cover protects its delicate fisheye lens, shows modern technology style. After we remove the screws and open the cover, we can see its all-in-one mother-board inside. By the way, this camera can withstand -40 Celsius degrees to 50 Celsius degrees operation environment, with IP66 rated weatherproof, anti-dust design. More over, it meets EN50155 standard which allow it provide reliable performance even working in shock and vibration environment. Lastly, this panoramic IP camera supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and support local video storage by SD/SDHC/SDXC.

VIVOTEK FE8172V 5 Megapixel Panoramic Camera

Ultra HD excellent image quality, true color reproduction

This full HD panoramic/fisheye IP camera adopts 1/2.5" progressive scan 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor, and with built-in 1.05mm fixed fisheye lens. Utilizing H.264 video codec, the camera can deliver real time video streaming at 920 x 1920@15 fps、1920×1080@30fps full HD video, and support triple video streaming technology. FE8172/72V provide several view modes on its web access function, including original mode, 180 degree, and 360 degree panoramic multiply views. It is worth to mention that the VIVOTEK client software always has one panoramic view under all kinds of view modes. Because VIVOTEK considered for the purpose of the law, keep the original data in the panoramic mode is very important and necessary for analysis video footage during the inspection process.

VIVOTEK FE8172V Resolution

During test, our people connect it the camera FE8172V to power supply and link into network, then set its resolution parameter to 1080P, 30fps. Then, put the camera target to outdoor landscapes, monitoring the video streaming, the overall video is smooth, with wide field of view and images with true color reproduction. After that, we put the camera to 24 color reproduction test card. After comparison, except the colors are a little bit subdued, the color reproduction maintains good.

VIVOTEK FE8172V Color Reproduction

Network Performance

Under the above setting, we tested its video streaming bitrate and we could see its bitrate around 3.9Mbps, with small scale fluctuation, but still within the acceptable range. In subsequent test, we used the stopwatch software to test its video delay, we could calculate its approximate delay time is 280ms.

VIVOTEK FE8172V Video Delay

Low illumination test

This camera is equipped with removable IR-cut filter for true day/night surveillance. We put the camera into dark box, gradually decrease its illumination to simulate low illumination environment. From monitoring, the camera will automatically switch to B/W (night) mode when illumination is 1.82Lux, then we continued decreasing the brightness, the camera still can see the doll even under 0.06Lux illumination environment.

VIVOTEK FE8172V Low Illumination Performance

Virtual PTZ (ePTZ): In the panoramic and regional viewing modes, user can use the virtual PTZ function, including eletronic pan/tilt/zoom function, you can easily lock the image, focusing on the interesting area.

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