360° panoramic IP camera

360° panoramic IP camera live demo - Vatics solution

Introducing the 3-megapixel 360° panoramic IP camera. This product leverages professional panoramic hardware dewarping processor – Vatics M3881C and 1/3” 3-megapixel low-light progressive scan CMOS image sensor (ON Semiconductor AR0330) to capture high quality, wide-angle video with respective 360° and 180° coverage.

This product is equipped with a 1.27mm (F1.8) fisheye lens to offer horizontal 180 degree and panoramic 360 degree viewing angle, based on Vatics platform, adopting H.264 High profile/MJPEG encoding, the maximum image resolution reaches up to 2048x1536@30fps. 

Vatics panoramic IP camera live demo

Using the mouse to drag the video, you can rotate the viewing angle to achieve ePTZ.

  • 1/3” 3-Megapixel low-light progressive scan CMOS image sensor
  • 2D+3D noise reduction
  • Professional hardware dewarping SoC (Vatics M3881C)
  • Support panoramic and split viewing modes, 180 degree, 360 degree and ePTZ output mode
  • Utilizing H.264 High profile/MJPEG dual codec, triple-stream technology
  • Up to 2048x1536@30fps image resolution
  • Support Android, IOS smartphone remotely P2P access
  • Compatible with ONVIF 2.4 protocol, RTSP protocol

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