How to install HDD for NVR?

Simple information for installation of HDD for NVR. Similar to DVR, NVR also requires installed with HDD (hard disc driver) for running. HDD provides enormous storage space for network video recorder. In summary, installation of HDD is same like installing HDD for DVR.


Preparation the NVR and HDD is essential, and HDD can be traditional desktop PC HDD, or pro HDD designed for video surveillance storage purpose. Generally, these HDDs without too much difference, but pro HDD designed for video surveillance storage can offer industrial grade performance and data protection. A screw driver is needed for fixing the HDD to NVR.

NVR with HDD

HDD Installation

Remove the screws with suitable screw driver, and open the top cover of the NVR, you will see the interior of NVR, the green/blue color board is mother board of NVR. On the board, you will find power connection cable, and SATA connection cable, both connection cables are used to do connection between HDD and NVR.

Rear panel of NVR Interior of NVR

Connect HDD to NVR

Using the included connection cable, and plug the power cable (Red,Yellow,Black) to power input of HDD. Connecting the SATA cable to Data port of HDD. Both of connectors have special design, if you can't plug them into HDD, that means you need to use reverse direction. This can protect the device from potential damage caused by wrong connection.

Connect HDD to NVR

Fix HDD in NVR

After complete the connecting procedures, now you can use the included HDD screws to fix the HDD into NVR. Put back the top cover, and fix the screws back. Inspecting everything of NVR, then connect it to power supply, or turn on power. Before using the NVR, you need to format the HDD.  Please note we are using standard SATA HDD in this article.

Screws for HDD installation Install HDD in NVR

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