Microphone for IP security camera

IP security camera audio - mic in or line in?

Digital IP security cameras can accept audio input, they typically accept audio sources from two different ways - Mic in and Line in. Depending on your audio sources, you should choose the appropriate audio input type, otherwise incorrect connection/selection may cause audio distortion or even equipment physical damage.

Difference between Mic in and Line in:

Mic in: can connect to a microphone, typically it’s an electret microphone requiring low voltage to operate from your IP security camera. Additionally, Mic-in input has pre-amplifier to amplify audio signal from microphone. 

Line in: mainly connecting audio sources from electrical guitar, mixer, electrical piano, TV etc external equipment, these equipment can output regular power rate audio, should connect to Line in of your IP security camera. Using Line-in can ensure audio quality and record high quality audio. 

To simply this, if your microphone doesn’t require using power source (including battery), you should choose “Mic in”. If your microphone or audio equipment need to use power supply, “Line in” is the right option. You may read “how to connect a microphone to IP cameras”.