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Photoelectric beam detectors for access control system and gate opener/operator

Many home owners wish to have an automated gate operators can automatically open the door when detecting the presence of a moving object such as people or vehicle. Photoelectric beam detectors are the ideal security detectors can be connected to your existing access control system or gate operator, the whole system uses using ABT/ABE dual beam photoelectric beam which adopts active infrared detection technology can reduce false detection when detecting obstructions. To setup an automated gate opener system with photoelectric beam detectors only take two simple steps.

Installation of photoelectric beam 

An automated gate opener system may use two pairs of photoelectric beam detectors. Dual-beam model is sufficient for this application. Two sets of photoelectric beam detector should be installed/placed outside of path of gate. One pair is wall mounted beside the door/gate, another pair is placed a bit far away from the gate with stainless steel poles. You can check figure 1 to know correct placement of photoelectric beam detectors in relation to the gate.

Automated Gate Opener with Photoelectric Beam
Figure 1 Automated Gate Opener with Photoelectric Beam

Wiring photoelectric beam detectors to gate opener

Before embarking on wiring please read instructions manual carefully to avoid incorrect wiring to damage your devices. Foremost, we should wire power cables to photobeam detector which consists of transmitter and receiver. Both units can support wide range voltage input from 10V to 24V DC. We recommend users to use standard 12V DC. The next we should wire signal cables from receiver unit to gate opener.  

Depending on the model or brand of your gate opener, the wiring method may vary. Normally, you just need to use two wires to wire photobeam to gate opener. One wire connects receiver¡¯s COM terminal (or GND) with COM terminal of gate opener, another wire connects Normal Close (N.C.) terminal with SAFETY terminal of gate opener. The figure 2 shows you the correct wiring diagram.

Figure 2 Photoelectric beam to gate opener wiring diagram
Figure 2 Photoelectric beam to gate opener wiring diagram

How to adjust beam interruption time?

Unifore selectable frequencies photoelectric beam detectors can support beam interruption time adjustment. Users can adjust the amount of time between the beam being broken and the normally open relay closing. It has 1-5 level value, 1 means detecting fast moving objects, 5 presents detecting slow moving objects. You should choose the right value according to your type of application and environment. The factory setting is set to 1 to detect moving objects. 

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