Must know 10 myths about IP Camera

10 myths about IP Camera1. What’s the IP camera ?

“IP” is a abbreviation of “Internet Protocol”, it is the most widely used protocol in computer network and Internet network communication. IP camera can output digital video stream, capable of transmitting the video via cable or WIFI, As long as there is internet network, user can remote surveillance via IP camera, it totally breaks the limitation of local network. For integrator or surveillance projects installer, If the installation environment with LAN network facilities, then IP camera can save huge cost on laying cables, also IP camera can realize remote surveillance in anywhere at any time.

2. What’s the difference between normal network camera and IP camera ?

Normal network camera need to connect to computer via USB, then video stream transmit out via computer; If it doesn’t connect with computer, then it can not work. IP camera is a standalone device which integrated with operating system, it with data processing and network transmission capability, and with other functions together.

3. How much bandwidth of IP camera will occupy?

Bandwidth depends on the resolution and frame rate, also is related to the compression format technology. H.264 compression format can save40% bandwidth.

4. IP camera can record the video?

It’s true that IP camera can record the video through usage of software. Video stream from IP camera can be recorded in remote storage device via FTP, also it can store the video in NAS (Network-Attached Storage Drives). NAS drivers that storage files (or video stream) via local network (LAN) without connecting of PC or server. It is widely used for central file storage, video streaming, backup for all the local drives on your network.

5. IP camera must to connect to Internet ?

It’s not certainly, IP camera still can work in LAN network that without connection of Internet.

6. Why IP camera with WAN and LAN function is so important?

New IP camera can provide two 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port, the one is for WAN usage, the other is for LAN usage. Compare to camera with only WAN port or LAN port, With WAN port can connect to Internet and also can connect to LAN network via LAN. Due to there is limitation on the Internet network, new IP camera can use QoS (quality of Service) of WAN port to upload the video stream to Internet.  More over WAN port build-in PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), WAN port IP camera can directly connect to ADSL or Cable Modem without Router. If install IP camera for large area, and IP camera doesn’t support PPPoE, then you may need to invest money on purchasing Routers.  If use IP camera that build-in PPPoE, then it can solve the investment of Routers. Between WAN and LAN port, there is failover network function, when WAN network with problem, LAN network will start to take over.

7. Why need support VBR and CBR for frame control ?

For low frame rate of MPEG-4 compress frame rate, it occupy less bandwidth of network. When user through LAN and WAN network to visit the IP camera, support manual and auto frame rate control products through VBR/CBR can realize LAN network D1 (25fps) real-time recording, and Internet D1 (12fps) previewing.

8. What’s the function of “Digital Time Code Embedded” why it’s so important ?

Digital Time Code Embedded function means embed time information into MPEG data stream, so it will store the time information for every images. When user try to search a specific time video recording, then it’s very convenient. If IP camera doesn’t support this function, user must to search a period video, so this will takes time and effort.

9. Can IP camera provide Motion detection ?

It’s sure that IP camera can provide Motion detection function, this function is build-in, not from software. Normally, If use the software to realize the motion detection, it will cause time difference, It’s not secure for professional surveillance.

10. What’s the IP camera application?

IP cameras are widely used in surveillance system, through network to remote surveillance real-time video. IP camera can easily be integrated into complicated system, at the same time it can work as a standalone device. IP camera can replace the traditional analog camera, the products are suitable for surveillance of commercial business (building, bank, shopping mall…etc), access control, car parking, computer server room, factory, office and home.

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