Perimeter security system (exterior) or home alarm system (interior) ?

Perimeter Alarm SystemPerimeter alarm system offers the protecting the perimeter of your house or property. Typically perimeter detection devices are placed outside around your house or fence of wall.

If you have a yard or garden for your house or property, perimeter alarm is a better choice. Perimeter alarm system will detect the intruder before they enter your home or property. This minimises the possibility of damage and loses- majority of intruders may flee away. Also perimeter alarm system can keep the strangers and unwelcome people out of your garden and protect your home or property.

Now there are three major technolog in perimeter protection and detection: Electric Fence,  Active Infrared Beam, Microwave.

Electric Fence is more advanced perimeter alarm system, it consist of high voltage electrical pulse host and detection fence.  Electric Fence works as a barrier with electric shocks when detect people from crossing a boundary. It's widely used in military, important facility protection, agricultural. Electric Fence technology original from USA, this technology are developed in Australia.

Active Infrared Beam comes with transmitter and receiver, there are several invisible beams between transmitter and receiver.  When people cross the boundaries and cut these beams simutaneously, the alarm will be triggered.

The beauty of infrared beam is it doesn't generate the voltage, and it builds up an invisible fence which with lowest investment. Compare to other technology, the muti-beams cut design of infrared beam can effectively reduce the false alarms that are caused by pets, flying birds....etc.

In addition, Active Infrared Beam can provide the wide-range up to 300 meters perimeter protection just use one pair of Active Infrared Beam Detector.

Microware detection device are placed around the iron fence, when animal or people access the iron fence, the alarm will be triggered.

Perimeter security system provide the an invisible or visible shield that intruder can not enter inside of your home or property, but you can freely access at your home when system is activate.

Most of companies are providing home alarm system which provides only internal detection for your home or property.  These systems use varies types of detector that detect the event inside of your home.

PIR based Motion detectors are widely used for movement of detection inside only. The reason is PIR motion detectors adopts the temperature changes detection technology which is not suitable unstable envrionment (outside).

Even if your home with pets, it also may trigger the PIR and cause the false alarm. To prevent false alarm, we highly suggest people to install Dual Technology Motion Detectors that use PIR  +  Microware + Digital Analysis technology. Door/Window magnetic contact installed on the each of access windows and doors for sensing of open and close. After install the home alarm system, you can not freely access all parts of your home or property if the system is activate. Another problem of internal detection is night time intruder. What happen if the intruder is inside of your home ? Anyhow there is no real answer to this question.

From above information, we can understand that it's better to have combination which consists of perimeter detection and internal detection.

Before install the any types of alarm system, we highly suggest people to get anlysis from trained professional security system installer or insurance company.

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