Different video resolution formats

NVR IP camera image resolution comparison

We are pleased to offer you the most comprehensive image resolution table that shows the specification of different image resolution format. The most common image resolution format including D1, 960H, VGA, 720p, 1080p, 4-Megapixel, 5-Megapixel, 2K, 4K UHD, 8K UHD.

Format Definition PAL NTSC Bitrate Aspect Ratio
8K 33.1MP 7680x4320 7680x4320 40-60Mbps 16:9
5K 14.7MP 5120x2880 5120x2880 25-35Mbps 16:9
4K 8.8MP 4096x2160 4096x2160 20-30Mbps 256:135
5MP 5MP 2592x1944 2592x1944 8Mbps 4:3
2K 3.1MP 2048x1080 2048x1080 10-15Mbps 256:135
3MP 3MP 2047x1536 2047x1536 6Mbps 4:3
1080p 1.3MP 1920x1080 1920x1080 2Mbps 16:9
2MP 2MP 1600x1200 1600x1200 4Mbps 4:3
1.3MP 1.3MP 1280x1024 1280x1024 2Mbps 5:4
960p 1.3MP 1280x960 1280x960 2Mbps 4:3
720p 1MP 1280x720 1280x720 2Mbps 16:9
960H 0.5MP 960x480 960x480 1Mbps 2:1
D1(4CIF) 0.4MP 704x576 704x480 >1Mbps 22:15
VGA 0.3MP 640x480 640x480 >1Mbps 4:3
HalfD1 0.2MP 352x576 352x480 >1Mbps 11:15
2CIF 0.2MP 704x288 704x240 >0.5Mbps 4:3
BCIF 0.2MP 528x288 528x240 >0.5Mbps 22:9
QVGA 0.1MP 320x240 320x240 >0.5Mbps 4:3
CIF 0.1MP 352x288 352x240 >0.5Mbps 11:9
QCIF 0.1MP 176x144 176x144 >0.5Mbps 11:9

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