What's kind of batteries for the alarm system ?

A great deal of people choose Do-it-yourself alarm systems to protect their property. With this huge demand, many security manufacturers or dealer are offering wide range of DIY alarm system from hardwired alarm to wireless alarm. As we know, all these alarm systems need to work with batteries, even for the hardwired alarm system, you need to use backup battery. After installed with wireless alarm system, battery replacement is one of crucial and essential for your alarm maintenance. Get fully information about what kind of batteries for alarm system running becomes necessity information before the purchasing.

Backup battery for hardwired alarm system

Yes, I want to buy hardwired alarm system, what kind of batteries should I buy ?  Typically, when you purchase the hardwired alarm system, there is no included backup battery for the alarm system. You need to buy it separately, and on accordance with your desire backup time.

Lead Acid battery 12V 7A

Different hardwired alarm systems may require different kinds of backup battery, you can choose between 12V 4.5AmH, 12V 6AmH, 12V 7AmH, the difference between them is dimension size and backup time. Among them 12V 7AmH is the biggest size, and with long last backup time.

Backup battery for wireless alarm system

Majority of wireless alarm system with compact design, this limit alarm systems have to choose small size but with high power capacity battery, thus Lithium battery is the best choice. These Lithium-ion batteries is same like batteries for cellphone. More over, the Lithium-ion battery output the standard voltage 4.7V. For our wireless alarm system, it included with 4.7V 800mAH Lithium battery, and can last for 24 hours, when external power failure. 

More over, few wireless alarm systems may use Ni-MH battery pack (on right picture) as the backup battery. Ni-MH battery pack consists of lots of small Ni-MH batteries (standard voltage 1.2V).

3.7V 800mah Lithium battery  12V 1800mAH Ni-MH battery pack

 Battery for wireless magnetic contact (door sensor)

Wireless magnetic contacts are widely used intrusion detection sensors, it's powered by either 12V 23A Alkaline battery or Lithium battery.

12V 23A Alkaline battery is a small size battery, consists of tiny button batteries, it output high power voltage DC 12V. You may find this kind of battery in all made-in-china wireless magnetic contacts (door sensor). See pictures as below:

12V 23A battery for wireless door sensor

Different from Lithium battery, 12V 23A battery is dry battery and with low power capacity, that means you may need to replace these battery frequently, when your wireless magnetic contact (door sensor) works for 6 months or less. This is the flaw for this kind of battery, but it's very cheap and very easy to find this kind of batteries in anywhere. Our model: VS-WMC & VS-XWMC are powered by 12V 23A Alkaline battery.

Lithium battery is middle size but high power rechareable battery. Good quality wireless magnetic contact are using Lithium battery, and this kind of battery may provide efficent power can let your wireless magnetic contact continuous working for almost 1-5 years.

The most widely used Lithium battery is 16340 or CR123A, it provides voltage 3V-3.7V, and power capacity 400~1300MAH. 

CR123A battery

Please note some wireless motion sensor also using the 16340 or CR123A battery, such as our wireless outdoor motion sensor VS-T2.

Our wireless smart magnetic contact (VS-PWMC) is powered by industry Lithium-ion battery, voltage 3.7V and 310mAH, it provides four times power than normal 12V 23A Alkaline battery. After recharge, the battery can provide at least 16months power for wireless magnetic contacts.

3.7V 210mah Lithium-ion battery

The beauty of using this kind of wireless magnetic contact is you can take down the magnetic contact and connects to your computer or cellphone recharger to recharge the wireless magnetic contact. With flexible and mini USB jack design, it's very easy for end-users to do this.

Battery for wireless keyfobs or remote keychain

Majority of made-in-china wireless keyfobs (remote keychain, remote control) are using the 12V 27A Alkaline battery (see picture below). Few keyfobs may use the Lithium cell battery (example: CR2025).

12V 27A Alkaline battery

Battery for wireless motion sensor & smoke sensor

PIR motion sensor also called PID, it's passive infrared motion sensor, and majority of these sensors are powered by 6F22 9V Alkaline battery (see picture below)

6F22 9V Alkaline battery

This is widely used batteries in majority of small eletronics, it provide middle performance for your eletronics. If the wireless PIR motion sensor are powered by this kind of battery, the battery can last for one year. All made-in-china wireless motion sensors and wireless  smoke sensors are powered by this kind of battery. 

Some high-end expensive wireless motion sensors maybe powered by the 16340 or CR123A battery, these batteries can make your wireless motion sensors and wireless smoke sensors working for a very long period without replacement.

Few wireless PIR motion sensors may use the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for providing medium capacity power to the sensor. Example: VS-WH300 is a Lithium-ion battery powered wireless PIR motion sensor, after recharge, VS-WH300 can work for at least 18 months without another power recharge. 

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