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Wireless Alarm System

Alarm trends-GSM alarm system with home automation

Since the Apple company launched iPhone, iPad into market, now security industry experienced huge changes on the product's designing. Many security manufacturers shifted their design to follow the new trends which apple products brings to security industry. Even world economy in deep recession, it doesn't help on selling of cheap products, people are still preferring buy advanced security alarm systems.

Disadvantages of wireless alarm system

Wireless alarm system with many advantages of easy operation, without cable layout construction works, beautiful design…etc. Any way, there are big different on security aspect between wireless alarm system and hardwired alarm. Now there are many wireless alarm products manufacturer among the security field, products with different price and quality, we admit that there are quite a lot of good designed products, but most of them with some of defects on designing of products.

Discover the GSM Alarm Systems

Now alarm system goes wireless, everybody want to install an wireless alarm system on protecting premises. It's true wireless technology is not only reliable and increase flexibility, but also reduce the installation cost and free-maintenance. We make this conclusion, not just because the mere factor of we are security company, all statistics and trends show this, thus we herein write this article to discover the GSM alarm system without any bias.

GSM cellular wireless alarm system for marine yacht boat security

After invest huge amount of money on your lovely boat, it's the time to think how to protect it away from intrusion, fire disaster, as well as flood. We are willing to provide some information about how our GSM security alarm system works in marine yacht boat.

Different from security alarm system work at residential and commercial, the marine yacht boat alarm system must be with features of mobility and portable, wireless, as well as easy to install and operate.

How to choose wireless gsm security alarm system for home

Home security system is the best modern electronic system, which can effectively protect your home and keep out the unwanted people and intruders. A good home alarm system can trigger the alarm, if it detects the abnormal event, wherever you are in upstairs asleep or you are out for work. Now you can find good quality security alarm system features DIY function and allow user self-install the alarm for their premises, also the price is affordable. Currently  there are many different types alarm system in the market, include hard wired alarm, wireless alarm, GSM alarm and monitored alarm. Different types of alarm systems with its own advantages and disadvantages. We shall discuss this in below article.

How to design wireless alarm system to protect home?

Are you considering install home alarm system to your home? Planning a home alarm system can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with these systems. There is a daunting quantity of products to learn and there are many alarm companies trying to tell you what to buy.

We are here to help with a different approach. Assembling a home security system is not regarding choosing from a set of predetermined bundled packages, nor is it with regards to having unneeded devices tacked onto your order to drive up the expense.

Wireless alarm system

How to install wireless alarm systems?

Wireless alarm systems are great tools for modern residents and shop owners to protect their property away from burglars and break-ins. The wireless alarm system can provide a strong deterrent to the burglars, meanwhile notifying users once an alarm is triggered. Today’s wireless alarm systems have better integration with smartphones. Many alarm systems provide free App which enabling users to active/deactivate the system remotely on smartphone.

Unifore released 3G sim alarm systems

April 30, 2014 Unifore is proud to introduce its G60-Ultimate (UTMS version) wireless alarm system - a product designed to work with both 3G/GSM cellular network to provide most reliable alarm wireless transmission. We haven't changed anything on functions for this model, but it adopts new cellular engine UC15 from Quectel.

"Reliablility and flexibility are two important advantages for wireless cellular technologies in alarm industry. The widely used alarm systems are equipped with built-in or backup GSM communicators." said Peter Chen, Unifore Marketing Director. Since the rapid deployment of 3G cellular technology, many users are switching from traditional GSM to 3G. Additionally, we realized some places without GSM cellular signal coverage which limited our users to use the GSM wireless alarm system. We see high demands for 3G compatible wireless alarm systems, and in this vein, Unifore launches the G60-Ultimate UTMS version.

Wireless alarm system for home, office, boat, building sites

Wireless alarm system for home

Unifore security offers complete security solution for residential and commercial business, our innovative wireless alarm system are based on GSM cellular technology, the system is rechargeable battery powered, it can not only call, but also send an SMS (short text message) to preset phone numbers, when it detect intruder in the protection area. The system is built-in GSM cellular communicator, thus it works in anywhere covered with GSM signal.